Dinosaur Exhibition

DINOSAUR EXHIBITION is the most attractive project. Anywhere “DINOSAURS” show, people always be attractive. Over thousand Animatronic Dinosaurs out of ONLYDINOSAURS PRODUCTION are available of Dinosaur-Theme Exhibitions around the world.

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Our clients from the world take our animatronic dinosaurs to EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA, SOUTHEAST ASIA, MIDDLE EAST…… and Creating over ten millions DINO FANS

Popular Dinosaur Exhibition

Dinosaur Exhibition in Argentina

We offer incredible Life-Size Animatronic Dinosaur, which its size from 3 meters to 30 meters long even larger. If you want one incomparable exhibition, contact us without hesitation.

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Dinosaurs Unleashed

Dinosaur Exhibition in Spain

Dinosaur Exhibition in Brunei

Our dinosaurs is available of TOUR-EXHIBITION. We can install wheels under the animatronics base in order to carry easily by people.

Dinosaur Exhibition in Malaysia

Dinosaur Exhibition in Chile

Dinosaur Exhibition in South Florida

To Be Continued……

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