Dino Costume Projects

Splendid Realistic Dinosaur Costume Projects


Our naughty dinosaurs can roam, blink and roar. So they just looked like real prehistoric creatures. The Realistic Dinosaur Costumes create the Jurassic Adventure to involve people interaction for any event & occasion — Birthday Parties, Comic Cons, Shopping Malls, schools, sports, corporate events etc. The dinosaurs with lifelike roaring sound and movements bring blockbuster to the spectators. So far, our dinosaur costume events are created over 20 countries in the world—USA, UK, Singapore, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Latvia, Chile, Russia…


Birthday Party


The Dinosaur Alive is an unusual guest to be invited to Birthday Parties! Kids and adults will be cheering with delight when dinosaur shows up. Dancing with dinosaur is a right way to break the ice. In birthday parties, dinosaurs also sing Birthday Song to celebrate ceremony of boys and girls.


Shopping Mall, Cinema & Supermarket


Our Realistic Dinosaur Costume is creative exhibits for shopping mall, cinema and supermarket. Wherever they go, they always cause crowded spectators. The dinosaur theme blockbuster attracts much visitors flow and brings business… Yes, indeed! These creative dinosaur exhibits take the fantastic experience further, and create the adventure to the shopping mall, cinema, supermarket…of the event.




The children in schools loving dinosaurs would excitedly like to enjoy in any of school events. The dinosaurs can definitely take the various ages of school kids to the high level of amusement. The dinosaur live show will cater to interaction of the children and craft to the public schools, private schools…


Public Festival, Holiday & Carnival


Realistic Dinosaur Suit creates a wonderful time on Festival, the dinosaur goes down a storm – everybody absolutely love it and he is a huge shock. The incredible dinosaur is able to offer a Dinosaur Live Experience.


Corporate Event


Want something unique at your next corporate event? The element of blockbuster never fails in leaving a lasting impression, right? Our Walking Dinosaur Costumes bring the Jurassic Adventure experience at the next event. The dinosaurs professionally rehearsed to entertain everyone for the event and roar prehistoric fun.


Sporting Event


Realistic Dinosaur Costume is available for any type of sporting event. It can bring exciting and inspiring sports ground visit. No sporting event is too big or small for Real Dinosaur. Wherever it goes, a crowd will be formed in the playground, gymnasium…




Lifelike Dinosaur Costume, Realistic Dragon Costume, Chocobo Costume are made to bring entertainment and surprise to Comic-Cons!




Realistic Dinosaur Costume and Dragon Costume are available for all Theatres. The beasts stirringly engage the hearts and eyes of the audiences, and are excitedly awaiting to be a part of theatre shows.


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