Our Projects

Cooperating with us, the most excellent Animatronic DinosaurExhibition is available. Our life size Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibits are exhibited over 20 countries. Except for dinosaur exhibits, our life size animatronic animal expecially ice age animal also be popular among people. According to client need, we supply animatronic dinosaur or animal exhibits and service after sale.

From delivery to installation, we do our best. We perfect what client think of !!! 

   Dinosaurs Alive in Dominica Republic (Second Season,2014)

Dinosaur Show in Slovenia

     In 2014, our life size dinosaur models are exhibited at DUTCH WONDERLAND, USA

Dinosaur Show in Slovenia

    In 2014, Shocked and attractive DINOSAUR SHOW in Slovenia

Dinosaur Show in Slovenia

    Beijing Shijingshan Park, Dinosaur Theme Exhibition. 34 units of life size animatronic dinosaur show. Each day, over 20 thousands tourists for visiting

Dinosaur Theme Exhibition in Beijing


    Our Animatronic Dinosaur Project in Czech Republic Dinopark (Biggest Dinopark in Europe)

Animatronic Dinosaur Project in Czech Republic Dinopark


    China Dinopark Changzhou is our old partner for years. Since 2005, we have cooperation all the time.

Our animatronic dinosaur in China Dinopark


    DINO LIVE is grand Dinosaur Theme Exhibition in Dubai. Then, our animatronic dinosaur show Dubai for first time. Kids like the dinosaurs very much

Dino Live project in Dubai


       Our Dinosaur Alive Exhibits in UK. Dinosaur Safari, Adventure Golf.

Dinosaur Safari,Adventure Golf


     Twelve units of  Jungle Animatronic Animal are exhibited at Theme Rainforest Cafe, Mexico. More Natural, More Real!!!

Jungle Animatronic Animal in rainforestc afe


    Our 12 Interactive Dinosaur Exhibits and one animatronic mammoth are exhibited in National Zoo, Chile.

Dinosaur Animatronics exhibit in National Zoo, Chile


    Our 41 Dino Equipment Exhibits as first show in Jurassic Park,  Dominica Republic.

Interactive Dinosaur Exhibits in Dominica Republic


    Seven huge Animatronic Dinosaurs are assemble in Jinzhou, China. (3 units of 35m long Omeisaurus and 4 units of 15m long Brachiosaurus )

Assemble Huge Animatronic Dinosaurs


    12m long Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus as Shopping Mall Attractions, Russia

Large Animatronic Dinosaur as Shopping Mall Attractions


    Dino Exhibition at Domingo International Exhibition Center, Salvador, Brazil

Animatronic Dinosaur in Brazil


    Our Animatronic T-Rex Model show in Geological Museum as Indoor Attractions, Indonesia. Many people are surprised to the “lifelike dinosaur”

Animatronic T-Rex as Museum Attractions


    In order to promote Supermarket in the festival, we made Fossil Digging Site and Dinosaur Fossil Replica project for our Romanian client. Excellent Promotion!!!

Fossil Digging Site and Dinosaur Fossil Replica Project


    Excellent Attractions for Department Store!!! Our lifelike Ice Age Animatronic Animal exhibited Barcelona, Spain

Ice Age Animatronic Animal Exhibits


    Our refined Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex Head as 6D Cinema decoration, Bodrum, Turkey

Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex Head as cinema decoration


    Jurassic Dinosaur Exhibits (Animatronic Dinosaur Egg, Allosaurus and Triceratops) as decoration of Natural Museum, Pakistan

Jurassic Dinosaur Animatronic as Exhibits of the museum


    Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur Show in Valencia, Spain

Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur Show


    Huge Animatronic Turiasaurus Project was assembled in Dinosaur Museum, Switzerland

Huge Animatronic Turiasaurus is assembled


    Theme Fiberglass Animal is theme exhibit for Casino. (Project in the factory) Custom fiberglass items were exhibited in Slovakia

Theme Fiberglass Animal as Casino Exhibit


    Life Size Refined Animatronic Snake project shows in Ottawa, Canada

Life Size Animatronic Snake Project


    In 2013, our Mexican client hold one “Dinosaur Alive Show”! The project attracts lots of visitors especially the shcool juniors

Dinosaur Alive Show in Mexico

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