New Dinosaur Puppet Manual

Ultimate guide on how to use our new dinosaur puppet step by step

Any problem with how to wear, and how to operate our new dinosaur puppet?

No worries, we will walk you through on this page.

1. Unboxing

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Step 1: Get a knife.

Step 2: Remove the iron wires from the lock.

Step 3-5: Open the box and take out the puppet & accessories.


  • Packing Bag
  • Glove
  • Remote Controller
  • Sound Box
  • Battery Box
  • Spare Teeth

2. How to Clean the Skin

After the painting completes, the skin looks “bright”, which is not realistic. Thus we put some “Chalk Powder” to make it look matt.

When you receive the puppet, please follow the steps below to get it clean.

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Step 1: Prepare a piece of foam or towel.

Step 2: Get it wet with clean water.

Step 3: Wipe up the puppet.

3. Check the Electrical Devices

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Here are the electrical devices:

① Speaker Cable, ② Sensor Cable, ③ Batteries, ④ Sound box, ⑤ Remote Controller, ⑥ Battery Box.

Step 1: Connect the cable plug to the sound box.

Step 2: Connect the connector to the battery.

Step 3: Press the remote control to see if the sound box works well.

Recommended Battery Specifications: AA Batteries.


The AA Batteries used in the Battery Box are different from those used in Remote Controller

Remote Controller Battery: 12V, 23A lithium battery 

4. How to Put on the Puppet

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Step 1: Get a puppet.

Step 2: Insert the sound box into the glove.

Step 3: Spread out the glove. 

Step 4: Put the glove on your hand.

5. How to Install Wings (ONLY for Dragon Puppet)

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Required Tools: ①: Dragon Puppet, ②: Wings, ③: Nipper Plier, ④: Screws, ⑤: Spring.

Step 1: Insert the wing into the hole

Step 2: Align the upper and lower holes.

Step 3: Install the screws (install the bigger screws in the hole on the top).

Step 4: Install the spring.

Step 5: Tuck the excess fabric into the wings.

6. How to Install a Shoulder Dragon

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Prepare these electronic elements.

Step 1: Install the batteries of the Remote Controls.

Kindly Note: Do not connect the two ends of the Blue Battery, one is for in-put charging, the other is for out-put powering.

Step 2: Connect the Blue Battery to the Wings’ Wire like this.

Step 3: Connect the Sounds Box to the Sound’s Wire like this, and connect the Battery Box to it.

Step 4: Hide them all in the inner bag and seal them.

Step 5: Dress it on & start operating.

Kindly Note: Please test the sounds & wings work well.


The Batteries are forbidden for shipping, you need to purchase the batteries at the local store/Amazon.

Battery of Battery Box: AA Batteries

Battery of Sounds/Wings Remote Control: 12V, 23A lithium battery 

This battery is used in place of the Blue Battery: 12 V + 5000 mAh Lithium battery 

7. How to Operate

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For the Dinosaur Puppet:

Upper Handle: for eyes blinking.

Lower Handle: for the mouth movements.

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For the Dragon Puppet:

Upper Handle: for eyes blinking.

Lower Handle: for the mouth movements.

Handles in the Back: for wings movements.

8. How to Operate Sound Box

Step 1: Install batteries in the remote control.

Step 2-1: Connect the sound box to the puppet.

Step 2-2: Connect the battery to the sound box.

9. How to Change Sound Files

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Required Tools: The sound box and a USB cable.

Step 1: Connect the sound box to the computer by USB cable.

Step 2: Open the sound box folder.

Step 3: Delete old files.

Step 4: Add new files.

Note: 1-4 remote control sound 5-8 touch induct sound.

10. How To Operate Spitting Water Function

After connecting the water pipe to the kettle, pour water into the kettle.

Connect the kettle and voice control box to the battery.

Battery : 12V – 10Ah

 Connect the speaker and voice control box.

Put on the fanny pack and put the kettle, battery, and voice control box into the fanny pack.

Hide the wiring of the water-spitting switch in clothing.

Start operation after wearing


When the kettle is not connected to the water pipe, the kettle will leak.

Make sure the kettle is lower than the mouth nozzle.

When the kettle is higher than the mouth nozzle, the nozzle will leak (because of the water pressure).

11. How to Replace Batteries

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12. How to Maintain

Required Tool: De-rust Lubricating Spray.

Only the welded joints need to be sprayed.

Please spray the joints from this hole. So the long beak won’t influence anything.

Step 1: Put the nozzle through the opening into the interior of the pterosaur.

Step 2: Spray the joints following the video.

Play Video about Dinosaur Puppet Maintenance Spray the De-rust Lubricating Spray Video Cover

13. How to Retouch the Color

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Required Tools: ①: gasoline, ②: clear silicone, ③: brush, ④: paper cup, ⑤: acrylic paint (according to the color you need).

Step 1: Mix gasoline and silicone at a ratio of 5:2.

Step 2: Add paint to the gasoline mixture and mix it with paint at a ratio of 4:1.

Step 3: Mix them evenly, and then take a piece of clean foam.

Dip it in a little paint to wipe on the faded area.

Finally, put the puppet in a ventilated place to dry for 2 hours.

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