New Dinosaur Costume – VelociRaptor with Feathers is Coming!

New Dinosaur Costume – VelociRaptor with Feathers is Coming!

Do you remember the vote started by Only Dinosaurs Production weeks ago — Whether all dinosaurs have feathers or not? After we got the statistics of the vote from both facebook and our official website, 67% of fans selected “Most of dinosaurs have feathers”. As we promised, Only Dinosaurs Production will make a custom walking dinosaur suit refer to the result of the vote. So, We’ll make a Velociraptor with Feathers!

Vote for Raptor With Feathers

At the same time, our US clients came to our factory with a customized design – Custom Dinosaur Suit – VELOCIRAPTOR WITH FEATHERS. The design showed fine details about the color, feathers, texture and scales. It’s a new challenge for our team.

Discussing Raptor Sculpting

After a rigorous discussion, our team decided to make this special feathered dinosaur with partly sculpting texture and partly real feathers. In order to find out suitable feathers, it took a lot of time.

Start to Make Raptor Suit with Feathers

Now the making of this feathered dinosaur is in progress.

Looking forward his coming? Stay Tuned!

  1. I love your guys work, I always enjoy tuning in to find your newest addition! Such cool stuff! Hope you all keep prospering!

    • Thanks! We will continue to work hard to create more animated productions.

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