New Design Velociraptor Costume Finished

New Design Velociraptor Costume Completed. Do you remember this article we posted a few weeks ago —Dinosaur with feathers, Really? As per the result of the vote and the design of our customer, Only Dinosaurs Production created a feathered velociraptor.

Raptor Feathered Costume

The crystal clear eyes, the sculpting of the feathered texture, the real feathers and the custom of vivid roars… All above are completed according to the requirement of the customer. After 2 months’ hard work, the beautiful feathered velociraptor has finally come out.

Raptor Feathered Suit

Upon completion, Jurassic Promos’s two founders came to our factory to check their child “chacha” (the name of this feathered velociraptor). They’ll bring her back to their country to provide a fantastic dinosaur event.

Client Checks Feathered Raptor Costume

Client Checks Feathered Raptor

After playing with ChaCha for a while, they both are satisfied with the sculpture, texture as well as paintings.
Before leaving they said: “We’ll order more brothers & sisters for ChaCha in the near future.”

VelociRaptor and Jurassic Promo

Raptor and Jurassic Promo