Meet Our Newest Baby Raptor! 3 Steps To Know All

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Welcome to the wonderful world of raptors! Well, we have some amazing news for you——Only Dinosaurs is excited to announce that our newest baby raptor is ready to meet the world and will be joining our dinosaur puppet family.

Are you a fan of Jurassic World movie? Do you have a soft spot for baby dinosaurs? If yes, you’re going to love our newest addition to the family, a baby raptor!

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to our newest arrival in just following 3 simple steps.

Step 1: What is the little raptor called?

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

What is the little raptor called? Our newest baby raptor is called Mango, weighing 3.7 pounds(1.7kg), which is quite the little charmer! She is a 6 months old velociraptor and already full of personality. She’s playful, curious, and loves to explore her surroundings.

Our team has been counting down the days until the raptor’s arrival and can hardly wait to hold this cute baby dinosaur for the first time. We can’t wait for you to meet her and hope that you’ll join us in welcoming her into the wonderful world of raptors!

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Step 2: What's New in Baby Raptor?

Our team has compared the new baby raptor with the old version. We believe that the results of the comparison can bring you new experiences and feelings! All of our customers are just as curious as we are and can’t wait to see pictures or, even better, meet the new bundle of joy in person.

Now, we want to share 3 things that make the new baby raptor so special.

(1) Lighter in Weight and Smaller in Size

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Compared to the old version, you will find our newest baby raptor is smaller in size. Below are more specific body features comparison.

Old Velociraptor: length, width and height: 43 ×9 × 14 inch (110 ×23 × 35cm)

New Velociraptor: length, width and height: 36 × 5× 13 inch (95 × 15 × 33cm)

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

As you can see, the new baby raptor is smaller and lighter than the old one. In order to make it lighter, our team made its limbs shorter and head smaller.

For this aspect, you can hold this baby velociraptor in your arms more easily and control it more flexibly. That is to say, you will save more energy to perform and make the Jurassic show last longer.

(2)More Realistic Color and Texture

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Through hundreds of coloring experiments by dinosaur craftsmen, we created a more realistic color and texture on the raptor skin. The baby raptor has a dark green and grayish-brown color on her body. This kind of color gradient makes it more realistic.

At the same time, our highly skilled craftsmen also created more delicate textures for her, so that this Velociraptor was revived in the real world

(3) More Life-like Appearance and Eyes

Also, the overall shape is very different. Since it is one of the smartest dinosaurs in Jurassic World Dominion, a smaller brain means more intelligence. The small body and head will more realistically restore the body proportions of the real Velociraptor. This proportion of the body makes the baby raptor more coordinated rather than bulky.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

We also pay much attention to the eyes of the baby raptors and try to make them as life-like as possible. The dark eyes have a detailed pattern that resembles amber formed in prehistoric times and are sharper to show emotion and expression. 

The most obvious change is that you can clearly see its sharp eyes from the front of the new raptor, but the old one can not. The picture above can prove this.

With their sharp talons and teeth, it is a combination of loveliness and evil. Compared to the old one, it felt as if it looked less like a toy and more like a live dinosaur. 

More comparison details can be found in the following video.

Step 3: Where to Buy Baby Raptor? and Related Events?

Our newest baby raptor puppet is now available! Well, look no further! Head over to Only Dinosaurs’ website or social media platforms for updates and check out the new arrivals page.

Plus, we often offer special discounts and deals exclusive to Only Dinosaurs’ subscribers. Come and join us in the following activities!

(1) Summer Surprises (Mango)

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

The whole event lasts for 2 months. (August 4th ~ October 4th, 2022). During the event, the purchase of the baby raptor puppet Mango will be reduced by US $200; For only $900, you can take Mango home!

  • Before: $1100 / Baby Raptor Puppet (Mango)
  • Now: $900 / Baby Raptor Puppet (Mango)

(2) Dinosaur Puppet Portfolio (Mango+Kiki)

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Purchasing the portfolio of baby Velociraptor puppet (Mango) and Pterodactyl puppet (Kiki) will be more cost-effective! If you purchase this combination, the freight $350 will be exempted.

  • Before: $1100+600+350(shipping fee) / Portfolio (Mango+Kiki)
  • Now: $1100+600+0 / Portfolio (Mango+Kiki)

This rare event doesn’t happen often, so hurry up and bring the cute Mango home while it lasts. 

(3) Exclusive Benefits in Only Dinosaurs' Facebook Community

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Big surprise! During the event, the members of Only Dinosaurs’ Facebook Community will enjoy interesting events and have a chance to win more favorable prices for Mango.

How to join our community? Leave us a message on our Only Dinosaurs Facebook or website, and our staff will invite you to enter our community.

There will be lots of fun activities and great prizes waiting for you! Stay tuned if you’re interested!


Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

It has to be admitted that people’s cognition of dinosaurs most comes from these screen images in the films, from the Velociraptors of “Jurassic Park” to the Blue and her raptor pack led by Owen Grady in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom“. Thus Raptor is an important cast member in the theaters. Only Dinosaurs bring the raptors back to life.

Our team has been deeply engaged in this field for nearly ten years. So we want to create a real dinosaur universe in our real world. Contact us if you have any questions about a specific product or would like more information!

Or learn more information and customers’ comments about us in Only Dinosaurs’ puppet and try to get your confirmed answer to your question.


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