How to Make Your Realistic Robot Dinosaur Costume – DIY

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If movies like Jurassic World, Jurassic Park, A Night At The Museum, etc. intrigues you, you would definitely want to get your hands on the realistic dinosaur costume. Robot dinosaur costume has become a craze these days among kids and adults equally. With the popularization of dino theme parks, you can see people dressed as dinosaurs, interacting with people, and taking pictures.

The best part, these realistic-looking dinosaurs can roar! Yes, you heard that right. They can walk, roar, and behave like real dinosaurs. You will be operating the dinosaur suit from the inside. You will be the one controlling all the aspects of it. The dinosaur costumes are so life-like that it can scare the hell out of anybody. This is the main reason why they have become so popular in events, concerts, expos, museums, dino theme parks, Halloween, and even birthday parties.

The Construction of Dinosaurs

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The realistic-looking dinosaur suit has a steel frame, foam and paint. It all starts with designing the frame. The designing of this particular frame matches the unique requirements of an individual. Then comes the process of welding the pieces together, in order to, offer optimum durability, sturdiness and ensure there is less maintenance work to deal with in the future. The frame consists of movable parts such as the neck, head, and tail. Once the framework is ready, the installation process starts in order to complete the layout. The designer neatly installs all the devices like a camera, fan, handle for operating the costume, lights, etc.

A strong battery powers the whole dinosaur suit so that it can do various activities like a real one. Furthermore, the designers also ensure to hide the screws and wires under the fabric so that it doesn’t bother the wearer. Next, it is time to mould the dinosaur to its actual shape. The designer use a thick foam to form the structure of the dinosaur. Now, you will need some excellent drawing skills to draw the sculpture on the dense foam and sculpt it out using a knife and a heat sculptor. The foam is attached to the frame, and a sander is used to shape the parts of the dinosaur. It takes weeks to form the structure of the dinosaur completely. Different types of cutters and sanders are used to shape the structure and give realistic-looking texture to the dense foam.

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Once the structure is ready, the designer covers the foam a high-quality fabric to give additional strength to the structure. After covering the foam using the fabric, he or she performs necessary tweaks to provide structure to the dinosaur suit. The structure is left to dry out in the sun for a couple of days. This allows the structure to be more sturdy and then the design use a hot gun to carve texture on the dinosaur suit. The texture is important since it is what makes the dinosaur costume look realistic. If the texture is not adept, the costume will fail to amaze people. So, an ample amount of time is given to carve texture on the dino costume. The texture here refers to the scales of the dinosaur. Scales give an ultra-realistic look to the dinosaur costume.

The designer carves the scales using a hot gun and then leave the structure out for the day to dry. Silicone forms the skin of the dinosaurs as this material provides the most realistic appearance.

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The structure is left out in the sun so that it can dry out completely. The last and final step is painting. However, prior to doing that, it is important to ensure that no fabric is lurking out of the dinosaur suit as it can give an uneven appearance. The designer removes the extra fabric to provide a clean layout. The next step is to mix the paint and start the painting of the dinosaur. The team also mix gasoline with silicone and mix the solution using an electric stirrer.

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Next, the individual adds oil color into the gasoline and silicone solution.  The painter adds the final mixture to a paint spray machine and sprays evenly all over the dinosaur’s body.

He or she uses different colors and texture in order to get the right mix of color. The individual uses a firm single coat to cover the dinosaur in the ideal paint.  However, the first coat is either white or nude color, so that other colors can be easily visible on the dinosaur.

The team put the dinosaur structure out in the sun to dry. That’s it; your realistic dinosaur suit is ready.

Best Dinosaur Costume at Only Dinosaur

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The only Dinosaur is one of the few companies that create some of the brilliant and realistic looking dinosaur costumes and robots for entertainment and educational purposes. People are popularly using these dinosaurs structures in Halloween parties, for events such as expos, conservation events, museums, theme parks, and more. They specialize in creating dinosaur robots, costumes, animatronic dinosaurs, realistic dinosaur puppets, and more. They all look realistic and gives us the chance to feel them.

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