Lifelike Dinosaur Costume Manual

Ultimate guide on how to use our new realistic dinosaur costume step by step

Any problem with how to install, how to operate the costume?

No worries, we will walk you through on this page.

1. Unboxing

Step 1: Prepare a pistol drill and remove the screws on the crate.

Step 2: Take off the wood and steel pipe.

Step 3: Take out the support frame and assemble it.

Step 4: Take out the costume and hang it on the support frame.

Step 5: Remove the bubble wrap and take out the paint inside the legs.

Step 6: Install the tail.

Step 7: Check out the accessories.

Here is the list: ①: Zipper, ②: Chain, ③: Collar, ④: Paint, ⑤: Fabric, ⑥: USB Cable, ⑦: Brake Cable, ⑧: Foam, ⑨: Velcro, ⑩: Charger, ⑪: Power Adapter, ⑫: Teeth.

Step 8: Attach the collar onto the costume.

Step 9: Connect the chain onto the collar.

2. How to Clean the Skin

After the painting completes, the skin looks “bright”, which is not realistic. Thus we put some “Chalk Powder” to make it look matt.

When you receive the costume, please follow the steps below to get it clean.

Step 1: Prepare a piece of foam or towel.

Step 2: Get it wet with clean water.

Step 3: Wipe up the costume.

3. How to Install the Support

Step 1: Turn the stand upside down and install the cross.

Step 2-3: Install the support.

Step 4: Straighten the bracket.

4. How to Install the Tail

Step 1: Put the tail frame onto the body.

Step 2: Align the nut of the tail frame with the mounting hole.

Step 3: Tighten the screws.

5. How to Put on the Costume

Step 1: Get into the costume.

Step 2: Fasten the leg straps (you may need someone to help you).

Step 3: Zip up the legs, and fasten the snap buttons on the legs.

6. Check the Electrical Devices

Recommended Battery Specifications:  12V acid/lithium battery.

Ideally, 12V 100Ah lithium battery.

Connect the battery to the costume before you check the electronics.

  • VGA Cable
  • Volume Control Knob
  • Voice Control Box
  • Battery Display Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Power Button
  • Monitor: view outside
  • Start Button: turn on the monitor
  • Video Switch Button: switch between V1 and V2, or choose to see both views at the same time
  • Model: you can set system settings such as date, language, view, pixels, etc.

7. How to Tighten Your Shoe

8. How to Put on the Harness

9. How to Operate

Step 1: Remove the support chain from the handle.

Four buttons control four different sounds.

  • Left Switch 1: Eyes Blink
  • Right Switch 2: Operate mouth movements

10. How to Charge

Step 1: Connect the charger with the battery.

Step 2: Connect the charger to the socket.

11. How to Store

Step 1: Remove the tail from the costume.

Step 2: Take the costume off the support.

Step 3: Put the costume into the crate. 

12. How to Change the Sound Files

Audio Naming Format

​The audio must be named in 0000 + number format, otherwise the speaker will not sound

00001-00004 are the sounds of the eyes, and 00006-00009 are the sounds of the mouth.

Audio can not be placed at 00005, then it is a blank audio without sound.

13. How to Replace the Brake Cable & Handlebar

The following video shows how to replace the mouth / eyes cable.

This video shows how to replace the spare brake cable.

Required tools: 10mm Spanner, 12mm Spanner, and Nipper Plier.

Step 1: Use the 12mm spanner to loosen the screw of the brake cable on the handlebar.

Step 2: Take the brake cable out of the handle (find someone to open the mouth BIG).

Step 3: Use the 10mm spanner to loosen the screw of the brake cable on the top of the costume framework.

Step 4: Remove the head of the brake cable (also requires another guy to open the mouth BIG).

Step 5: Remove the head pin of the brake cable, you can take off the entire brake cable. Then replace a new one.

14. How to retouch the color

Step 1: Acrylic paint & ethyl alcohol, water ladle, and drawing brush are quired.

Step 2: mix the right color you need.

Step 3: Prepare a piece of foam, and dip the foam in a little paint to wipe on the faded area.

Finally, put the costume in a ventilated place to dry for 3 hours.

Play Video about Dinosaur Costume Color Upgrade

15. How to Maintain

Step 1: Squeeze the silicone onto the button of the feet.

Step 2: Use the foam to spread the silicone evenly.

Spray the De-rust lubricating spray on every joint or rust area monthly.

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