Life-size Dinosaur Statue: A Must-have in Your Dinosaur Theme Park

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Life-size dinosaur statue is the hit of the dinosaur theme parks. Want tourists to flock to your dinosaur theme park? Unless you are able to send them all back to the prehistoric world.

How? The life-size dinosaur statue will be the key to creating a lifelike prehistoric world. Let’s see how Only Dinosaurs’ life-size animatronic dinosaurs make your dinosaur theme park the most exciting dinosaur attraction.

1. The most realistic dinosaurs to attract your visitors

Artists of Only Dinosaurs have brought these prehistoric reptiles back to the real world, giving visitors the most authentic interactive dinosaur experience.

So, how to choose the most realistic life-size dinosaur statue? Generally speaking, the more detailed textures and the more natural color transitions, the better we are able to restore the real skin of dinosaurs.

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Thanks to movies like Jurassic World and Jurassic Park, we have vivid images of these creatures in our minds. If you want to create a Jurassic dinosaur world, then dinosaurs from Jurassic World are a must. Well, now you have a chance to see those dinosaurs in Only Dinosaurs!

Pay attention to the Jurassic Park T-Rex animatronic in the picture below. Mind your steps and be careful! If you are staring at this gigantic guy, DON’T MOVE! Well, just joking. We believe everyone who sees this 20 meters (about 65.6 feet) long animatronic T-rex will be astonished. Visitors will love it so much!

Source by:  Only Dinosaurs

Made from high-quality materials and expertly crafted, life-size animatronic dinosaurs in Only Dinosaurs are sure to impress everyone who sees them. Our team brings them to life with high-density foam, international standard steel, high-purity silicone, blushless motor, color pigment, gear reducer, and high-quality flange. All of them ensure you get a robust dinosaur!

2. Versatile dinosaur for the family tour

Dinosaurs have always been a source of fascination for both children and adults. They allow visitors to connect to prehistoric times when these massive creatures roamed the earth.

By interacting with these multi-functional dinosaurs, families can create their own unique journeys through time. Parents can use the animals to tell stories and fire their children’s imaginations. This point will make your dinosaur adventure an educational experience.

Source by: Jurassic-Ark and Only Dinosaurs

Another way you can tell how realistic dinosaurs are is by looking at how fluidly they move. Look at the picture below, is the 15-meter-long life-size Spinosaurus handsome?

Source by: Only Dinosaurs


The public has always been intrigued by dinosaurs’ size and power. Spinosaurus was one of the largest fierce carnivores in the past, so its size and design make you feel like a real Spinosaurus from millions of years ago.

As you watch, the Spinosaurus takes a deep breath and raises its claws, revealing sharp teeth as it opens its mouth. You can see the muscles in its neck ripple as it moves, and its tail swings back and forth. But what really catches your eye are the intricate details of its eyes, which blink slowly as if winking at you.

Only Dinosaurs’ life-size dinosaurs statues can perform a variety of actions such as blinking, opening their mouths, moving their heads, breathing, and moving their claws and tails. If you want to make dinosaurs have more surprising interaction, movements like spitting water and spraying smoke are also available.

3. Life-size dinosaur statue: wide applied scenarios

The Only Dinosaurs’ life-size dinosaur statue is perfect for a wide range of applied scenarios. From indoor to outdoor locations, the prehistoric carnivores are sure to turn heads and grab attention.

You can see those life-size dinosaur statues in dinosaur adventure, theme parks, museums, showrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, festival events, theaters, recreation centers, etc. The dinosaur drive-thru is also a great place to go during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source by: Google Images

Have you noticed the Dilophosaurus animatronic below? It is known for its iconic crest. Jurassic Park fans will be shocked since it might spite venom on your face. Crazy, right? Actually, the function of the crest is unknown, but it may have been used in visual displays such as species recognition or sexual selection.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

If you have brightly colored Dilophosaurus in your dinosaur theme park or exhibit, you’re sure to get a lot of tourists wanting to take photos with it. And not only will these photos be all over social media, but they’ll also bring a lot of publicity to your dinosaur adventure park.

For dinosaur applications in different scenarios, Only Dinosaurs supports the flexible removal and installation of dinosaurs. Check out the video above and see how our Latvia Client installs the life-size dinosaur statue. That’s a huge animatronic T-rex, right?

With a lot of life-size dinosaur statue installing experiences, Only Dinosaurs is able to provide the best service. Please feel free to contact us.

4. Dinosaur variety: the secret to defeating other dinosaur theme parks

Life-size dinosaur statue plays a pivotal role in the dinosaur theme park. As in Jurassic World, curious visitors always want to keep seeing different dinosaurs with more teeth to roam the earth again. 

So a variety of dinosaurs are needed to attract different customers and prevent them from getting bored. The more dinosaur varieties, the better it is to avoid visitor loss.

Source by: Only Dinosaurs

Only Dinosaurs has a wide selection of dinosaurs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to fit your needs. You can even design some dinosaur interaction scenes by combining different life-size dinosaur statues together. For example, several carnivorous T-Rex are preying on a Triceratops.

Only Dinosaurs has our own professional team and factory, and our artists will utilize their dexterous hands to craft life-size animatronic dinosaurs. See how our team created a fierce animatronic T-rex in the video below.

5. FAQ about the life-size dinosaur statue for sale

● What maintenance is required?

Our life-size animatronic dinosaurs don’t need any special maintenance. Just keep it away from fire and knife. 

● Can they be displayed outdoors all year round?

On each dino skin, there are three layers of silicone, which enable it to be durable, waterproof, sunproof, and even snowproof. It’s working fine even in Russia, where it’s extremely cold. And it works well in high temperatures. Such as the Dominica Republic.

● How much does a dinosaur animatronic cost?

It depends. A life-size animatronic dinosaurs costs about $2400-20000. The cost varies according to its size, functions, dinosaur type, etc. For a more exact price, please contact Only Dinosaurs.

● Can I repair or maintain the animatronic product myself?

If any damage happens, we would encourage the clients to contact our support team. We will provide the most effective way to get it fixed.

● Do you have any warranties for animatronic dinosaurs?

We provide 24 monthly warranty. During this period, if any damage happens, we will DHL you spare parts. Meanwhile, send you the youtube video to guide you on how to fix step by step. All cost is on our side.

● Would animatronic dinosaurs require assembly?

It depends.

  1. For small animatronic dinosaurs, no assembly requires. Just connect several cables, we will send you video to guide you.
  2. For large animatronic dinos, there are two options:

Normally, if you purchase many large dinosaurs. We will send our installation team to the UK. Meantime, will train your team on how to assemble, how to maintain, etc. If you order only one or two large dinosaurs, we will send you a video to guide you on how to install them step by step. It’s easy.

Hope this post share some useful information for your dinosaur theme park! 

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