Learn About Jurassic Jungle Ohio USA: Why You Choose Them

a green T. rex costume standing in front of a Jurassic Park-type entrance gate

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

Calling all dinosaur lovers out there! Have you heard of Jurassic Jungle? They’re an incredible production group that loves dinosaurs and creates amazing shows!

Even the goal of all they do is to be,

Inspiring curiosity and a love of natural history

We’re privileged to have gotten to know fellow dinosaur lovers like them and even create their show’s beloved dinosaurs. We’d love for you to get to know them too!

So here’s the lowdown on our good friends, the Jurassic Jungle!

Get to Know Why Fans Love Jurassic Jungle

a blue Velociraptor costume standing in front of a group of kids

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

Companies, event planners, and families who’ve met the dinosaurs and conservationists of Jurassic Jungle just love them. Here are a few things they can’t help but share:

Amazing Work Experience

The Jurassic Jungle team was amazing to work with! Their programming was educational, factual and entertaining. Guests truly enjoyed watching their performance and meeting the dinosaurs…” – Alex, Event Planner

Great Memories

“It was a great show! Our 3 grandkids (age 2,4 &6) loved it & so did their grandparents! They loved all the Dino’s & each had their own favorites! Mine was T-Rex! Our oldest Grandson was called on stage to feed a Dino! Great Memories & I highly recommend the show!” – Stephanie, Parent

Child-Friendly Enjoyable Performances

“Blew my expectations completely out of the water!!  My 6-year-old son’s response when leaving, “That was the Best time EVER!!. We could not have enjoyed our experience anymore!!! Thank you Jurassic Jungle for an AMAZING experience for my little one and myself!������ If you have the opportunity to attend one of their events, I HIGHLY recommend it!!” – Hillary, Parent

Get to Know Them: Who is the Jurassic Jungle?

men and women in green vests talking beside a green table in front of a purple background

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

Family-friendly shows are what draws in the crowds when a Jurassic Jungle event is coming up. And that’s no surprise because it’s personally cared for by the family who founded it. They bring their love for family and education to every Jurassic Jungle show.

The non-profit Ohio-based business has been delighting audiences in over 80 shows since they launched in 2020. And since their launching, the founders have teamed up with incredible people who are equally passionate about natural history.

a blue Velociraptor costume standing in front of a white dinosaur egg and a woman in a green vest 1

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

You’ll see them wowing the children meeting dinosaurs for the first time and impressing the parents watching by. It’s their awesome teamwork and common love for dinosaurs that made them who they are today — an in-demand party entertainment service. And on top of that, a haven for prehistoric creatures.

Get to Know the Experience: What Does the Jurassic Jungle Do?

The Jurassic Jungle brings prehistoric creatures to life through their live shows. They give audiences the opportunity to interact with realistic dinosaurs.

Imagine a life-like T. rex walking and roaring in front of you! But don’t worry if your kids have sensory needs as they also have performances dedicated to suit your little ones.

Skillful dinosaur trainers, who are also known as Jurassic Jungle conservationists, support the awe-inspiring creatures at every performance. They help keep the show safe and enjoyable for all too.

Jurassic Jungle Cast - straightened angle

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

You can experience their entertaining productions yourself by checking out the Jurassic Jungle Live tour dates. It’s a show you and your kids won’t forget.

Get to Know Their Friends: Who Has the Jurassic Jungle Worked With?

the head of an orange triceratops

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

This fun bunch has worked with big groups in Ohio like the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Stark Enterprise Property. It was at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo where they held their first 80 shows.

They’ve also thrilled audiences at Georgia’s Anderson Conference Center. Jurassic Jungle has worked with many more, like malls and schools, as these are just some of their highlights. Jurassic Jungle has never failed to delight both crowds, partners, and companies alike.

Jurassic Jungle: A Roar-some Company

a green T. rex costume standing in a field with trees in the background

Source by: Jurassic Jungle

It was fun getting to know this awesome company, wasn’t it? The crew’s impressive talents and realistic dinosaur costumes like Mambo the T. rex and Tina the Triceratops are just eye-catching!

One can’t help but be drawn to their adorable dinosaur puppets too. Luna the Pterodactyl is simply sweet and so is Scarlett the Stygimoloch!

We hope you were inspired by Jurassic Jungle just as we and their audiences were. Connect with us, Only Dinosaurs, so we can help you make your Jurassic dreams come true just like them.

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