Jurassic Park Stripe Raptor Dinosaur Costume

US $3,500.00

Item No: CD-119

Size: 4.0*0.8*2.1 Meters

Basic info:

Our raptor has beautiful stripes and a life-size body. When he finds someone near him, he will move his head and sways his tail viciously. When he opens his mouth, wow, you will see his sharp teeth. Despite the scared appearance, he is willing to play with visitors.


What could make your amusement park more popular for family-friendly fun and excitement? Bring him into your dinosaur park and give your guests a thrilling Jurassic adventure.

Jurassic Park Stripe Raptor Dinosaur Costume details


If well protected, you can use last for 5 years

Color could be customized

More Info :

Movement: Eyes Blink, Mouth Opens and Closes, Head Moves, Tail Sways

Sound: 8 different MP3 format sound. 4 for eyes, 4 for mouth.

Optional Function: Smoke / Fog ability, Spitting Water ability 

Adaptor, Air Fan, Battery, Camera, Charger, Normal Wooden Crate, Hanger, Monitor, Necklace, Speaker.

All are included. No Extra Fee.

Our team is good at building unique and custom creations, including COLOR.

If you wanna something special, please send us your design. Then we will make it happens.

Vivid Moves

Vivid Moves

Custom Design

Custom Design

Finer Details

Finer Details


Global Shipping

We Bring Them to Life with

● High-density Foam

● Stainless Steel

● Light-weight Fabric

● High-quality Internals

● Color Pigment

the main materials of dinosaur costume

You Can See Them in

● Theme Parks

● Movie Theaters

● Playgrounds

● Shopping Malls

● Restaurants

● Festival Events

● Cosplay Parties

● Birthday Parties

How to Control Our Costume

Play Video about how to control the costume


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