How We Make Dinosaur Toy-Car

Our Dinosaur Toy-Car is available of 2 meters long. Dinosaur Toy-Car is suitble for playing between 3 to 12 years old kids. Recently, the toy-car becomes hot-sales and selling over 20 untis to oversea market within two months. Kids love to drive dinosaur car in wide playground. Our dinosaur car is set 3 to 5km/h, which is safe speed for children.


(1). Refit Metal Frame of Toy-Car (We purchase toy-car from other supplier)
Metal Frame of Dino-Toy Car

(2). High Density Sponge on the Metal Frame
High Density Sponge on the Metal Frame

(3). Sculpture Work
Sculpture Work for Dino Toy-Car

(4). Skin-Grafting (Silicone Skin)
Skin-Grafting for Dino-Toy Car

(5). Painting Color to Finish Dinosaur Toy-Car
Finished Dinosaur Toy-Car

(6). How We Pack
Pack Dinosaur Toy-Car

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