How We Make Animatronic Dragon

DRAGON is the most delighted mythic creature to western people. If you watched Movie as HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, could be envious to actor’s story. We can take one Real Dragon to you! Dragon can move and roar! You can touch Real Dragon, even ride it!.

It is a 6 Meters Long Animatronic Dragon. Its movements as Mouth Open and Close, Eyes Blinking, Head Left to Right, Neck Up and Down, Wings Moving and Tail Swaying. Do you want to ride? Children must be scared by Mythic Creature Model.

Animatronic Dragon Production Drawing

Motors Position of Animatronic Dragon

(1). Welding Dragon’s Metal Frame

Dragon's Metal Frame

(2). Sculpture Work

Sculpture Work for Dragon Model
Sculpture Work for Dragon Model

(3). Texture Wotk

Texture Work for Dragon Model

(4). Skin-Grafting

Skin-Grafting for Dragon Model

(5). Finished Dragon Model

Red Animatronic Dragon
Finished Animatronic Dragon


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