How To Troubleshoot If Movement Doesn’t Work

Control Box Panel display :

  • Power Input
  • Sound Output
  • Volume
  • Infrared
  • Motor Control Line

Internal component display :

  • Transformer
  • Relays

Step 1 : Open the control box cover.

  • Required Tool : Screwdriver
  • Unscrew four screws with a screwdriver.

Step 2 : Check whether the fuse is broken or not.

If it’s damaged, replace a new. If all fuses are fine, do as follows.

Step3 : Check the relays 

  • Remove the plastic film.
  • Put a screwdriver onto the relay, touching the two metal sheets like the videos as follow.

1. If it moves :

It means the fuse was blown out OR the relay went wrong. Replace the fuse or Relay.

2. Still no move :

2.1 It means the movement mechanical is broken. How to identify?

If the movement is very flappy, the mechanical is broken.

The side view.

2.2 The motor is broken. Replace a new one.