How To Throw The Perfect Dinosaur Party – 4 Ideas


Kids get drawn to the strangest things and one of the oddest things that little kids get fascinated by are dinosaurs. Monstrous as they may seem, there’s no denying that dinosaurs do have an alluring charm to them that, especially when rendered as a friendly cartoon, just makes them irresistible to any child. 

Do you know what else is irresistible to children? Fun parties. And a dinosaur party is the perfect way to blow your little one’s socks off! 

Themed parties are always fun, but never simple. There are lots of things that you need to take into consideration and plan for, from the overall party theme, the invitation design, right down to what kind of food will be served and what kinds of games and activities to do to make sure the party doesn’t end up being boring. 

Luckily, if you’re going for a dinosaur-themed party for kids, the possibilities are endless! Whether it’s a budget-friendly DIY party you’re aiming for or you’re simply looking for fun ideas to pass on to your party planner, we’ve got heaps for you. 

Check them out!

1、Unique Dinosaur Party Invitations

Invitations are like a preview of what guests can expect at the dinosuar party so forget about the boring and traditional card-style invites and go for something fun and unique instead! Here are a few ideas. 

Hatching invitations 


(source: by Crack Me Creations, Etsy)

Surprise eggs are all the rage with kids these days so why not surprise your guests with this cute little egg that they can crack open to see the invitation inside? This is something that you can definitely DIY (if you’re confident in your papier-mâché skills), but if you don’t have the time you can also have them made for you. 

Peek-a-boo Dino Invites 

Peek-a-boo cards are a more fun alternative to the regular, traditional invitation cards. This one comes in the shape of a dino head that opens to reveal the party details! 

Dinosaur movie invitation


(source: by Gold Glitter Dinosaur Forest Ticket Pass Invitation, Zazzle)

Who doesn’t love a good dinosaur film? Whether it’s an animated movie like Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur or a beloved classic like Jurassic Park, no one can resist an invitation made to look like a ticket to remind guests of their favorite dinosaur movie. 

Dinosaur Egg Invites


(source: by LetUsCreate4U, Etsy)

Here’s a less messy and more cost-effective alternative to the hatching dinosaur egg invitation mentioned earlier. Another dinosaur egg-inspired invitation but, this time, you crack the egg and open the invitation by pulling the top and bottom halves of the egg apart. Inside is a cute little dinosaur silhouette where you’ll find the party details. 

Dinosaur Exploding Box Invitation


(source: by ShopOutOfTheBox, Etsy)

Here’s another unique invitation idea for your dinosaur-themed party: an exploding dinosaur invitation box! Fill it up with cute little dinosaur cut-outs or place a few treats inside along with the invitation — the choice is entirely up to you! 

2、Decorating with Dinosaurs

Decorating for a party is one of the best parts of planning one, especially if you’re the creative type who likes to DIY and customize things to give the event a more special and more personalized touch. Here are some ideas for decorating the party venue with dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Balloon Arch


(source: by Dinosaur balloon arch set, LovedByAlice)

There’s no better way to welcome your guests to your party than with a dinosaur balloon arch. If your budget is limited, you can always DIY one by getting balloons in multiple shades of green, white,and brown. You can also throw in some bright and vibrant colors like orange and pink to add a bit of a feminine vibe to your set up. Pro tip: double bag your balloons so they appear more opaque. If you’d like to skip the hassle, you can also leave the balloon arrangement to the pros. 

Dino Birthday Banner


(source: by Dino skeleton birthday banner, Etsy)

It can’t be all about the guests; you have to think about the celebrant, too! This dinosaur skeleton birthday banner is a cool addition to any dinosaur-themed party. It’s simple and easy to set-up and, because it only says “Happy Birthday”, it’s basically, infinitely reusable! 

Dinosaur Terrarium Centerpiece

Need a centerpiece idea that’s sophisticated but still fun and appealing to kids? Why not try making dinosaur terrarium centerpieces for your guest tables? These are super easy to make and you can keep them to display in your home after the party as well so they’re quite practical, too. 

DIY Photo Wall with Balloon Props 


(source: by Dinosaur Photo Backdrop Wall, American Greetings)

Every party strives to be an Instagrammable party and what better way to make yours truly IG-friendly than to have a photo backdrop wall like this? Balloons, paper flowers, poufs, and strips of crêpe paper along with a dinosaur balloon or two should make for an amazing backdrop that all your guests are sure to queue up for. 

Festive Dinosaur Birthday Garlands


(source: by Dino garlands,

Dino parties are best thrown outdoors where you can replicate the wild. However, if you have no choice but to do yours indoors, you can always make it look and feel more festive and more lively by adding fun birthday garlands all over the place! 

3、Dressing Up Like A Dinosaur 

It doesn’t have to be a costume party for you to dress up like a dinosaur. There are plenty of ways to do so for you and even your guests! 

Dinosaur Onesie Costume


(source: by Dinosaur onesie,

Donning a dinosaur costume is one of the easiest ways to dress like a dinosaur. What’s great about these is that you can easily buy them online, from your favorite store, or from the local costume shop. What’s more, is that you can use them at home as comfy loungewear after the party or for a photo shoot before the party so you’re sure to get a good bang for your buck. 

Dinosaur Spike Hats for Everyone

Wouldn’t it be fun to have little dinos running around at your dinosaur-themed party? Getting each and every guest a onesie is too expensive so why not just make these cute dinosaur spike hats instead? 

Party-T-Rex Hats for All


(source: by Dinosaur Party Hats, Pineapple Paper Co.)

Here’s another great idea for dinosaur-themed party hats. This one is for those who want a more traditional-looking birthday party hat, but with a T-Rex-ffic twist. Make it at home before the party or have someone to make a custom one for each guest that walks in on the venue for a personalized touch. Either way, this cutesy craft takes under 5 minutes to make. 

Dinosaur Foam Masks


(source: by Genovega, Amazon)

Have everyone roaring like a dinosaur with these dino-themed foam masks. They’re great for hyping kids up and getting them into the dino spirit and they make awesome lootbag fillers, too! 

Strap-on Dinosaur Tails

What kid doesn’t like to dress up? If it’s too hot for a full-on dinosaur onesie, you can always have the celebrant wear something like this strap-on dinosaur tail instead. With the hat and the mask mentioned above, you could create a full dino costume that’s comfy and budget-friendly, too. 

4、Dynamic Dinosaur Games and Activities

Another thing that people look forward to when attending a party are the games and activities. Kids are all about games and winning prizes so it’s important to have a few really good and exciting ones that will keep them pumped. Check out these ideas. 

Meet A “Real” Dino

Meeting a “real” dinosaur is an experience that any and every dinosaur lover will never forget! While meeting an actual real dino may be impossible, it is possible to have someone dress up as a mascot for your event. Thanks to realistic costumes like the ones we have at Only Dinosaurs, your guests and the birthday celebrant will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience to pet, take photos with, and marvel at a “real” dinosaur. 

Dino Egg Hunt


(source: by Dinosaur Egg Hunt, Catch My Party) 

Who said the egg hunt is only at Easter? Change the classic activities and let your guests look for dinosaur eggs. You can put snacks in plastic eggs, or you can make it a “Who can find the most eggs?” type contest and reward the winner with something great and cool.

Feed the Dinosaur


(source: by Feed the Dinosaur Game, Fun 365)

Throwing games are fun, easy, and they’re a great way for kids to practice their aim and improve their hand-eye coordination. This State Fair throwing game is the perfect game to host for little dinosaur lovers. Set it up and see who can feed the dinosaur the most!

Make Your Own Dinosaur Fossil

This is a great activity to settle the kids down after all the fun and games and before proceeding to the next part of the program. They can make their own dino fossil and, maybe, even paint it too. The ingredients are cheap and the whole thing is easy to make with the instruction and supervision of an adult.



(source: by Dinosaur Ring Throwing Game Triceratoss, Hadley Designs)

The dinosaur version of the beloved ring toss game is a great one to host at your child’s birthday party. It’s fun and challenging so kids will want to amp up their shooting skills to get the prize. 

With these ideas, your guests are sure to have a roarsome time at the party! Make sure to serve good food, too! No one wants to feel like a hungry dinosaur while they’re having a good time. If you are not sure you have a good idea about that, there is a list of 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy. Stay tuned for more amazing dinosaur party ideas for your kids soon! 

What is the coolest dinosaur party in your mind? Let’s talk about it!

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