How to Put On Dinosaur Costume

How to Put On Dinosaur Costume

Step-1 Put on shoes and fasten

Put on Shoes inside Dinosaur Costume

Step-2 Stand straight inside

Go Inside Dinosaur Costume

Step-1 Unzip

Unzip of T-Rex Sut's leg

Step-2 Go inside and put on shoes

Go inside T-Rex Costume

Step-3 Zip

Zip of T-Rex Suit's Leg

How to put on video

How to fix body after inside


Inside Metal Frame of Dinosaur Costume

Step-1 Babaka band A&B at front

How fix body-1

Step-2 Tie and paste babaka belt C

How fix body-2

Step-3 Paste babaka band A&B on C

How fix body-3

Step-4 Connect the long belt D

How fix body-4

Step-5 Connect the short belt E

How fix body-5

Step-6 Adjust them well

How fix body-6

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