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How to Plan A Dinosaur Wedding

Dinosaur Wedding

Weddings are a one-time affair, and every couple looks to make it one memorable event. From preparing the guest list to shopping for the wedding dress, there are plenty of things that need to be done to make a wedding once in a lifetime affair. In this article, we will guide you How to Plan A Dinosaur Wedding!

With the inclusion of themed weddings, the couple is able to make their weddings even more exciting and heavenly. There are plenty of themes available, and couples even come up with their own customized theme to make the wedding more personalized. 

If you are among those couples who share the same love for dinosaurs, then you can go for a dinosaur wedding. Yes, you can make your wedding a perfect Jurassic event. If you have heard dinosaur wedding for the first time, then take a look at the below things that will help you create a dinosaur theme for your wedding:-

Jurassic Style Venue

Jurassic Style Venue Wedding

Choosing the venue is the foremost task that you need to accomplish while setting your dinosaur theme. Go for a Jurassic theme venue for your wedding. Create a jungle-like feel with the help of plants and trees. You can also use dinosaur skeletons to give a more realistic look to your venue. For more authentic appeal, you can bring animatronic dinosaurs to the venue to excite the guests. 

Add Animatronic Guest

Animatronic Dinosaur Wedding

If you have a nice budget, you bring in a realistic dinosaur and ask one of your friends to control it. This will be a great addition to your dinosaur wedding. Your guests would love to interact with the dinosaur and spend quality time at your wedding. With the realistic dinosaur, not just you, your guests will always remember your wedding. 

Give Dino Props To Your Guests

Not just setting your venue and bringing dinosaur, you also have to include your guests as well. Give them dinosaur props like a dinosaur puppet or skeleton so that they can also contribute to your theme. You can also include fake weapons to kill the dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Cake

Dinosaur Wedding Cake 800x756 1

Last but not least, your cake should be all about dinosaurs. The cake is the most important part of your wedding, and with a dinosaur theme, everyone would expect your cake to be extravagant and unique. Go through the popular options of dinosaur cakes and brainstorm how you can customize them for your wedding. The Jurassic cake can never go wrong. You can always go for it. But, always keep looking for more interesting options. While you cannot experiment with your wedding dress, you can absolutely do that with your cake. 


Dinosaur Wedding Outdoor 800x533 1

Everyone wishes to make their wedding memorable and exciting. If you love dinosaurs, then you can think about doing a dinosaur wedding. Yes, they exist, with the help of some props and elements you can bring dinosaurs into the wedding and make your wedding theme unique and intriguing. 

The above mentioned were some of the elements that you would require to make your wedding interesting and exciting. Keep your mind open for ideas and try to bring a personalized touch to your theme as well. 

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