How to Make Animatronic Giraffe


It is a 4 meters high Animatronic Giraffe. The giraffe model was bought by our Lebanon client. 

Animatronic Giraffe Metal Frame

Animatronic Giraffe Sculpture Work

1). Size: Four meters high
2). Materials: inner well-treated steel tube and CE certificated motors & outside high-density foam and silicone
3). Movements: Mouth open and close, Head left to right, Neck up and down, Stomach breathing and Tail swaying
4). Sound: Alive Giraffe Roaring Sound
5). Power: 110/220v, 50/60hz
6). Usage: Animal Theme Exhibition
Giraffe Model Silicone Skin

Animatronic Giraffe for Sale

Animatronic Giraffe on Sale

The highest container is 40HQ, which is 2.6m High. Due to this reason, we have to dismantle its head for transportation. We will send video tips to guide our customers how to assemble the Giraffe Animatronic successfully. So they can handle it on their own.
Animatronic Delivery

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