How to Customize Dinosaur Color

Eyes & Body colors can be customized to match your preferences with our wide range of dinosaur color options.
We always recommend that our customers have something unique and be one of a kind.

Stunning Examples of Dinosaur Colors

Lifelike Dinosaur Body Colors

Each dinosaur is carefully painted using a mix of skilled work for a realistic look, with a variety of colors available, including classic shades and customizable options to fit your taste.

Dazzling Dinosaur Eyes Colors

Experience true realism with our carefully hand-painted dinosaur eyes, Whether you choose standard or custom colors, each eye is designed to make your dinosaur unique.

How to Choose Your Dinosaur Eyes Color & Body Color

Two Eyes Color Options

Contact our Sales Manager to provide the latest dinosaur eyes catalog to choose from OR pick from our product catalog. Each hand-painted eyes bring out the natural beauty and realism. 

Personalize your dinosaur with custom eye colors tailored to your preferences. Provide us with a high-resolution color image of dinosaur eyes, and our skilled artists will hand-paint eyes that capture your desired look.

Three Body Color Selections

Option 1: Look through our catalog and pick your favorite one. 

Option 2: Google a dinosaur color image you love , we’ll make it unique for you. 

Option 3: Feeling creative? You can Photoshop the image based on our color image. We can bring your version to life.

How to Coloring Your Dinosaur

Watch our exciting videos to see how we add color to dinosaur eyes and bodies. See how the eyes change from dull to colorful, and watch as colors make the dinosaur’s body come to life, making every scale and ridge pop with vivid detail. Let your imagination run wild as you learn the art of bringing your dinosaur to life!

Get in Touch for Special Customizations

If you have unique customization requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to help bring your vision to life.