All you Need to Know about How Fast is a Velociraptor

A roaring velociraptor in the forest

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Velociraptor remains the most discussed dinosaur among the many, thanks to Hollywood movies, including the Jurassic park movies. Most of the time, velociraptors have been known for their gigantic claws and high intelligence.

One major fact that distinguished velociraptor from other dinosaurs was their speed. How fast is a velociraptor? Can a human outrun them? There have been a lot of facts about raptors and velociraptors; however, very little is known about their speed and their ability to outpace other dinosaurs. Read this article to have your queries answered!

How to Identify a Velociraptor?

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This raptor was a bipedal, feathery carnivore with a long tail and an enormous sickle-shaped claw on each hind foot, which scientists assumed to have been used to tackle and detain prey. The large, low head of the velociraptor, which has an upturned nose, sets it apart from other dromaeosaurids.

What was a Velociraptor Famous for?

A blue roaring velociraptor

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Remembered as pack hunters, velociraptor dinosaurs used to be about 2m long but small in height, about a waist higher than an average human. They used their claws for hunting or slashing their prey. In addition to these facts, they had feathers all over their body and were somehow large land-dwelling birds with sharp teeth.

How Huge were Velociraptors?

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Hollywood movies have always predicted a somewhat 6 feet tall dinosaur creature that was able to engulf the world. However, the real velociraptor, including the raptor, was a turkey-sized dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period.

Were Velociraptors Smarter than Other Dinosaurs?

A Velociraptor is preying a Psittacosaurus

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Even though raptors and velociraptors were pretty fast while running, they were not as wise as the Troodon. One of the most intelligent dinosaurs, Troodon had a big brain for its comparatively tiny stature.

The animal may have been as clever as contemporary birds, whose brains are more comparable in size to that of the fossil, as their size is proportionately larger than those found in current reptiles.

How Fast was a Velociraptor?

The speed of the velociraptor

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Scientists believe that a velociraptor was one of the fastest dinosaurs in the world. This huge dinosaur had a running speed of 25 mph that would rise to 40 mph during a sprint. T rex, on the other hand, T rex had a full speed of 27 mph only when a threat opposed it.

Was Velociraptor the Fastest Land Animal?

A Green Velociraptor on the Glass

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Researchers have also discovered that even though the velociraptor was among the fastest dinosaurs in the world, it couldn’t become the fastest land animal. Its top speed was viable only during the time it was hunting in short bursts. However, based on its physique, it was never to attain that top speed like other animals.

Is Velociraptor Among the Fastest Dinosaurs in the World?

A cute baby velociraptor is watching the sky

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A velociraptor could run at a speed of 25 mph, which is not the fastest in the world but is often considered among them. Due to its huge skeleton and physique, the velociraptor or other raptors cannot run faster than its actual speed, which can often reach up to 27 mph. In general, raptors were feathered and resembled birds, more likely some large land-dwelling birds with sharp teeth.

Ostrich mimic ornithomimids dinosaurs could run up to a speed of 60 kmph, which makes them the fastest dinosaurs that have lived on Earth. They lived in the late Cretaceous period, 145 to 66 million years ago. This dinosaur was similar to an ostrich having a small head, long neck, and tall legs.

Can a Human Outrun a Velociraptor?

Two men are training a blue velociraptor in a hall

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No, a human can never outrun a velociraptor. Let’s gather some facts and figures to check whether it is technically possible. So, Usain Bolt holds the record for the fastest man on Earth. If we calculate his running speed, it turns out to be 23.35 mph.

Researchers believe his 6 foot 5 inches height is perfect for sprinting. His build is believed to be loaded with fast-twitch muscle fibers in his legs that accelerate rapidly. Even though his speed might be really fast, you can never compare this to a raptor, velociraptor, or any other dinosaur in the world.

FAQs about How Fast is a Velociraptor

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Can We Call a T Rex the Fastest Dinosaur in the World?

No, we cannot recall T rex as the fastest dinosaur in the world due to its build. In comparison to other dinosaurs, a t rex that used to live some 90 to 66 million years ago was slower than the raptors due to their small, compact and bulky size.

Are Cheetahs Faster than Raptors?

Velociraptors and other raptors are not as fast as a cheetah. A velociraptor can not top the running speed of 40 mph. In contrast to raptors, a cheetah is a natural anomaly and has a build in which their back legs are in a position that can push air out of their legs directly. Because of this, a cheetah is considered one of the fastest land animals on Earth.

Are Falcons Faster than a Velociraptor?

Recent studies have revealed that there isn’t a faster runner on the planet than a falcon. A peregrine falcon can swoop more quickly and swiftly than a cheetah can move. But then, evidence also suggests that a falcon also falls short of competing with an aircraft, a rocket, or the speed of light.


A man is training the velociraptors

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Velociraptors and other raptors used to reign over the Earth 99 million to 65 million years ago. These dinosaurs had this sickle claw and flourished in central and eastern Asia during the Late Cretaceous Period. Even though they were among the fastest dinosaurs in the world, they were still not as fast as other dinosaurs.

Hopefully, your query about how fast is a velociraptor got finally answered. Want to see how these huge sickle-claw dinosaurs were? Then why don’t you try your hands on an amazing velociraptor dinosaur puppet here!

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