How Can Hand Puppets Help Kids Learn Valuable Skills?

Our children see hand puppets in the cartoon and enjoy watching them. Unknowingly, they are learning a lot of things from them. These puppets can help the children develop an interest in knowing things happening around the world. They also improve communication skills because they are continuously learning new words every day. Moreover, they grow emotionally and become matured and active children.


Many child educators use these hand puppets to impart education in children. They are not merely what we see on television when a random ventriloquist uses them to amuse the audience. There are many benefits of watching hand puppets. What are they?


1. Puppets Show Them a New Imaginary World

When our children use the puppets in their class to demonstrate some real like events or for role play, these hand puppets take them to a whole new world. They can be anyone they want. Sometimes a doctor trying to save a patient, a bird concerned about the start of the winter season, and wanting to fly to a warm place.

When they role-play as someone or something else, they accidentally learn a lot of new things. When kids try to portray a character they heard as a story, they retain what they have learned earlier.


2. Puppets Help in Emotional Development


How nice would it be to see a puppet performing on the stage? If it is your child’s voice that the doll talks, how would you feel? Yes, it would be great. The children who have stage fear can do many puppet shows. They can start performing on stage when they gain enough confidence.

Puppets help in developing the personality of kids. The children who used to withdraw from the public will now have no stage fear. They learn to express without any hesitation.


3. Improves Brain-Hand Coordination

When a child uses more and more of his motor skills, he develops the hand brain synchronisation gradually. He knows which finger he has to move to do a particular act.


4. Puppets Help in Personality Development

When the children use puppets, they use them as a veil to vent out their feelings. Parents or teachers can understand what they feel about things happening around them. They feel safe and secured as they are enacting their role through the finger or hand puppet. When a teacher asks the children to do a role-play of fight or any incident that happened in their life, they will start mimicking their friends.

This way, the teacher comes to know what happened in the class when she wasn’t there around. The teachers can grab this opportunity to teach values of life. The more you educate, the more disciplined they become.


5. Improves Interaction in a Group


When our kids enact a role play, they can better interact with their friends. When they interact more, this will help them learn more. Furthermore, it will teach them to speak out without any hesitation. When a teacher uses this puppet and talks, the toddlers, particularly, become more interested to learn.


Over to you!

In short, there are many values that a hand puppet inculcates in children. Of late, there are so many baby dinosaur puppets available in the market that have the small shape to fit into your kid’s hands. This puppet looks like the largest predator “A dinosaur” that a teacher can use to teach prehistoric animals to the children.

At a tender age, teachers can ignite a sense of curiosity to learn new things in the mind of the toddlers. Since the children are so fond of the Jurassic Park movie series, they would love to use puppets.

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