How Animatronic Crocodiles Are Created?

You must have watched sci-fi movies that involve fantasy animals and characters. Ever wondered how artists create and present these characters in front of you. Of course, VFX effects is a prominent part of these sci-fi movies, another important element is animatronics technology. 

Blending animation a mechanical technology together, animatronic technology help in creating animals that can walk, jump, and make sounds like a real one. Movies use animatronics technology to create these fantasy characters and give them a life-like look. Today, you can use animatronics technology in making animal suits for exhibitions, theme parks, shows, etc. It is one of the effective ways to give the viewers one of a kind viewing experience. From their built to skin color, everything seems extremely real. 

What Is Animatronics Crocodile?

Animatronic Crocodile 1

Just like any other animatronics animal, there is an animatronic crocodile as well which the people use in the theme parks and exhibitions. It is basically a crocodile model comprising of mechanicals, sculptures, scales, and exact color skin. You can control and animatronic crocodile with the help of a robotic device that allows them to move and make sounds. These crocodiles are powered by electrics or pneumatics. You can also use animatronic crocodile to catch the attention of the audience at a museum, zoo, exhibition, theme park, shopping malls, etc. 

How Animatronic Crocodile Are Made?

There are six production steps for creating animatronic corocodile that give them a realistic appearance. Take a look at the steps involved in creating these life-like creatures.


The first step in making animatronic crocodile is to create a framework. Then, they weld the steel particles in order to give them the right posture like that of a crocodile. Once the welding is complete, they paint it with anti-rust paint.

Electric System

The next step is the electric system. They install motors at different locations of the welded steel. After fitting these electronic components into the steel body of the crocodile, the next step is testing each movement.


Now they give the welded body the shape of an actual crocodile with the help of sculpturing. They further cover the frame with foam which they make with paleontological data of the crocodile.


After foam creation, the body of the crocodile is given texture with the help of soldering iron. It gives a more realistic look to the crocodile. 

Skin Work

Next up is the skin work that will give a final touch to the entire appearance of the crocodile. Then they apply the Layers of silk stocking to cover the sculptured body of the dinosaur. At last, they apply the glue hair to the skin for more authentic appeal. 


Lifelike Crocodile

One can get close to these scary animals with the help of Animatronic technology. One can use these animatronic animals for both education and entertainment purposes. Animatronic crocodile is one such animal created with animatronic technology. Hence, one can use them at science exhibitions, theme parks and even at zoos for the visitors. Animatronic animals are now popular among people for their larger than life appearance and one of kind viewing experience. 

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