Hatching Dinosaur Puppet

Come and touch the cute newborn dinosaurs! Our Dinosaur Puppet from Hatching Egg is a new baby dinosaur that was born from the dinosaur egg! Yes, it’s a puppet both with dinosaur and eggshell. Once you meet them, you will fall in love!

You can control the wonderful dinosaur puppet to do lots of movements with your hand easily. For example, it can move its head, blink eyes, and even open mouth to roar.

Besides, our dinosaur puppet from hatching egg is made from high purity silicone, so it will be waterproof and sunproof.

Find Your Wonderful Hatching Baby Dinosaurs

Do you love newborn dinosaurs from dinosaur eggs? Here you can have a chance to touch them!

How to Operate the Dinosaur Puppet

Simple Guidance

It’s simple to operate. Hence check out the video for further details.

Cuddly Hatching Egg Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Baby dinosaur hatching puppet is just like its name, it is a baby dinosaur that hatches from a dinosaur egg. When you first see it, you might think that it’s alive. Our brightly-colored, friendly baby dino will love hanging out with you wherever you go.

The Head of a Cuddly Baby Raptor in the Hatching Egg

Raptor Hatching Egg Hand Puppet

Different from other puppets from hatching dinosaur eggs, this raptor puppet is electric. When you push the remote control. The baby raptor will emerge from the dinosaur egg. Amazing, right?

It can blink eyes, shake head, open and close mouth, and even roar to the viewers.

It can’t wait to be a part of your creative play. Children will have fun naming, cuddling, and caring for their new friend.

Adorable Hatching Protoceratops Puppet

If you’ve got dinosaur lovers at home, this is the toy for them.

It’s a highly detailed, handmade hatching protoceratops puppet that can move its head and make realistic dinosaur noises.

Made from high-quality silicone and high-density foam, it is waterproof and sunproof. Get well maintained, and it will stay with you for at least 5 years.


Pachycephalosaurus Puppet in Hatching Egg

Meet the newest addition to the Only Dinosaurs family!

This pachycephalosaurus dinosaur puppet in hatching egg is sure to be an instant hit at your next party. A brand new baby pachycephalosaurus just hatched and is ready to play!

You can make it move its mouth or blink its eyes or even make it roar! Sounds great, right?

Hatching T-Rex Puppet from Dinosaur Egg

Looking for a super unique baby dinosaur toy puppet? You’ve found it.

This is a baby T-Rex puppet that will let you imagine your own adventures and change the story in any way you want.

Place him on your hand, let the dinosaur egg hatch, and let your little one guess what creature emerges!

Encounter the Adorable Hatching Egg Dinosaur Puppet

Wanna see something cool and unusual? Then try our hatching dinosaur egg puppet. It is made of high-quality materials that are safe for little ones. The puppet is small and light long, so it will be easy to handle. Your kid will like its vivid movements and bright colors.

Hatching Dinosaur Egg T-Rex Puppet: Make a new friend with this cute baby T-Rex puppet. No need to worry about him growing up too fast, he will be with you for a long time. He’s very expressive, and his movements can’t be any more adorable. Perfect for kids to use as an imaginary friend, or to play with the toys and make them come alive.

Velociraptor Dinosaur Egg Hatching Puppet: Every baby dinosaur has to hatch from a dinosaur egg. So when one hatches sooner than expected, it’s a big deal! The adorable raptor hatching puppet is a great way to inspire kids to explore their own imaginary worlds. With bright colors and fun designs, it’ll also keep them entertained for hours.

Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Hatching Puppet: Cute, expressive and can’t get any more adorable than our hatching pachycephalosaurus puppet from the dinosaur egg. He can do some movements like a real baby pachycephalosaurus. This puppet is a great way to let your kids use their imagination while also letting them have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers you want to know

What is the minimum size of your baby dinosaur puppets?

So far, the minimum size we have done is 0.6 meters / 2 feet long.

The biggest size we can do is 30 meters / 100 feet long or 10 meters / 33 feet tall.

What is the weight of the baby dinosaur?

It depends on the size. Generally, from 1kgs / 2.2 lbs to 4kgs / 9 lbs.

What special function can your baby dinosaurs do?

Due to its small body size, there is not much empty space to utilize.

We usually add Spitting Water Function.

Can a kid operate the baby dinosaur?

Yes, a 4 years old child can do it.

All kids love our adorable baby dinosaurs.

How long do they take to build?

Depending what type puppet, complexity, level of details, have we done it before? The lead-time can vary greatly from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. We are very experienced in our craft and can produce the costumes very quickly.

But with a greater allowance of time, our product will naturally reflect a greater level of details.

If you need it in a hurry, contact our sales.

We may have some stock baby puppets, which are ready to ship out NOW.

What are the realistic baby dinosaur puppets made of?

Internal: stainless steel

External: foam & silicone

Can you make custom puppets?

Absolutely yes!

Our talented team can make all kinds of animal puppets, such as sea lions, reindeers, black bear, owl, sloth, baby mammoth, baby rhinoceros, baby hippo, baby polar bear, etc...

Are baby puppets reliable?

Our baby puppets are built with the finest, time-proven components available.

And we pride ourselves in our designs and workmanship.

At least 4-5 years if well maintained.

Can you add a false arm & glove?

Yes, we can.

After we add false arm & glove, the baby puppets look more realistic.

Does it make sounds?

Yes, all our baby puppets have a speaker to roar.

So it looks more realistic.

Typically, there are four different sound options to switch.

How long does the shipment take?

We usually ship via DHL, FedEx, UPS, which provide worldwide shipment.

It usually takes 7-10 days, door to door.

Do you have a warranty?

Yes, 24 months.

During the warranty period, any damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Meantime, we will send a tutorial video to guide you on how to fix, step by step.