Hand Dinosaur Puppet

You maybe wonder: where can I buy dinosaur hand puppet? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Realistic baby dinosaur hand puppet, dinosaur shoulder puppet, dinosaur arms puppets are our new and hot selling, each baby dinosaur puppet is customized for clients.

Hand Dinosaur Puppet is hand control with the movement of eye blink, mouth open & close, head moving. There are two buttons. One for eyes, the other for mouth. Once press the button, it triggers the movement. Simple & Easy!

And more, there are different vivid dinosaur roaring for your choices. The realistic baby dinosaur is more like a pet that is loved by kids and adults.

All our baby dinosaur puppets are for sale. Here’s our latest 50+ Puppet Catalogue.

Now we have T-Rex, velociraptor, brontosaurus, ankylosaur, carnotaurus, parasaurolophus, spinosaurus, and so on.

Contact us to customize your own hand dinosaur puppets.

Get Your Own Awe-Inspiring Hand Puppet Dinosaurs

a fresh and funny gift for your friends and family.

How to Operate the Dinosaur Puppet

Simple Guidance

It’s simple to operate. Hence check out the video for further details.

Jurassic Hand Puppet Dinosaur

Save your hands while you entertain the baby with our cute hand puppet. The baby dinosaur is well made and durable, featuring bright colours and a soft texture. Perfect for kids of all ages, this is a classic toy that will last for years.

Sweetheart Baby T-rex Dino Puppet

T-Rex Animatronic Dinosaur Hand Puppet

He will bring an instant smile to anyone’s face. It is a great gift for any fan of dinosaurs or anyone who wants to have fun! Your little one will love playing with Baby T-Rex.

Our cute baby T-Rex can blink eyes, move head, open and close mouth, even make roars.

Made from soft foam and high-quality silicone, this baby T-Rex puppet is durable for waterproof, sunproof, and snowproof. 

If you maintain it well, he can stay with you for at least 5 years.

Cute Hand Velociraptor Dinosaur Puppet

It’s time to meet the newest member of the family, a raptor hand puppet! It’s small enough to fit on any adult’s arm.

Though it can be a bit tough to control at first. It might take some practice before you get all the movements down, but that just makes it more fun for everyone!

With its vivid movements, the baby raptor can act out its ferocious nature while your hands stay safe inside the puppet, away from its sharp teeth.

A Brown Baby Velociraptor with Black Stripes

Stegosaurus Jurassic Park Hand Puppet

For any kid, the stegosaurus is one of those dinosaurs that stands out from the crowd.

This puppet is made from high-quality material and can be used for a long time. Its mouth moves when you move your hand, which makes it great entertainment for children.

It will be the perfect gift for kids who want to learn more about dinosaurs by giving them an up-close interaction with one of their favorite prehistoric creatures.