Hand Dinosaur Puppet

Realistic baby dinosaur hand puppet, dinosaur shoulder puppet, dinosaur arms puppets are our new and hot selling, each baby dinosaur puppet is customized for client, now we have T-REX, velociraptor, brontosaurus, ankylosaur, carnotaurus, parasaurolophus, spinosaurus and dragon puppets, contact us customize your own dinosaur hand puppets.

All our baby dinosaur puppets are for sale. Here’s our latest 50+ Puppet Catalogue.

Hand Dinosaur Puppet is hand control with the movement of eye blink, mouth open & close, head moving. There are two buttons. One for eyes, the other for mouth. Once press the button, it triggers the movement. Simple & Easy! And more, there are different vivid dinosaur roaring for your choices. The realistic baby dinosaur is more like a pet that loved by kids and adults.