Giant Dinosaurs at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

On Feb 22nd , 2017, our technical team “Experienced-8” arrived in Singapore for installation of our 3 Giant Animatronic Dinosaurs – 20m long T-Rex, 20m long Triceratops & 20m long Brachiosaurus.

Red T-Rex Model Installation

Red Animatronic T-Rex Installation

Giant Red T-Rex Model

Our workplace in Singapore is Gardens By the Bay, where thousands of tourists visited and enjoyed everyday. After 1 day rest, our team commenced installations on 24th Feb, 2017.

It’s a big challenge for us to work in this tourist attraction. The heavy-duty crane is prohibited after 4:00 pm due to local regulations. We have to work from early morning to afternoon to catch up the schedule. Luckily the weather is comfortable in the morning here.

Yellow Triceratops Model Installation

Giant Yellow Triceratops Model

Giant Animatronic Triceratops

After 11 days fighting, “Experienced-8” completed installation — 3 sets of giant animatronic dinosaurs, including LED lamp band, which is customized by our clients to show dinosaur’s outline at night.

In the next 7 days, our engineers continued to test and adjust these dinosaurs to ensure our client’s event – Children’s Festival on 10th March opened successfully.

Blue Giant Animatronic Brachiosaurus

Big Blue Brachiosaurus Model

At night, 9th Mar, 2017, we activated all the dinosaurs including LED lamp bands as a final test. The view was amazing. We believe children would enjoy themselves as to forget to leave this fairy tale world.

LED Light Brachiosaurus Model

LED Light Dinosaur Models

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