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Giant Dinosaur Costumes: Why are Suits so much in vogue?

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When was the last time you participated in a fancy dress competition? Or made your kid slip into such quirky attire, to scare off people? There’s something fun and enjoyable about dressing up in cute costumes. Especially, because the creature holds sufficient interest among kids! Also, it sparks interest for the sole reason that these giant dinosaurs no longer inhabit the earth. Naturally, being innovative with clothing to showcase these animals is a wonderful way to spread awareness.

How to make dinosaur dresses?

It’s not always that customers keep flocking in brick and mortar retail outlets or make a beeline for online portals to give exciting discounts on clothing items. Some of the best outfits are often made using little hacks! So if you are on the lookout for riding T-Rex costume or Velociraptor dresses; try and collect some pictures beforehand. You can paste multicolored items from old clothes to make hoods and wings and stitch them up. Better still, cut out pieces from old rags and unused clothing and give them to your local tailor. Show him the picture of the type of dinosaur costume that you would like to have and in no time, that will be made. In fact, that’s quite a preferable way of getting your favorite piece of attire, if you order in advance.

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Another good option is personalized clothes from online outlets. A number of sites procure customize dresses, which can be made in exactly the way that you would prefer. In addition to that, you also get to choose the type of material that you would like. For example, the giant dinosaur costumes contain inflatable stuff or materials mostly made in satin and cotton mix. This way, wearers can easily slip inside them and also get optimum level of comfort. Besides, these are handy options as realistic giant costumes. After all, experts can weave them far better and also make such life-size attire using right measurements.

How to select the best of the lot?

Now that the market is flooded with options galore, most customers have their own set of beliefs. They also have  options when choosing the ideal dinosaur costume. A working mother might think of dinosaur suits to provide her little one ahead of his birthday. Or take the example of a concert or animated dance-drama. The search might be for few individuals and not everyone. In these circumstances, a separate hood or pairs of shoes might fit the bill.

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Among the several choices, no one really got it wrong with suits. Now available in small and large sizes, the suits have a history that very few know about. You can take a look here.

How did dinosaur suits become real favorites?

Among the giant dinosaur costumes, suits are sold the most. Sometimes realistic dinosaur costumes are considered synonymous as suits, like the full bodysuits. Basically, these clothes provide the wearer a certain appearance that imparts a funny, goofy, yet the ‘real’ look. Now imagine if a realistic-looking figure roars, that will indeed be a spectacle for everyone present!

Think of the T-Rex Rider costume or Velociraptor costume and you will know the craze for these outfits. You can order for your customized ones.  Or You can simply arrange for the raw materials and get the clothing made by experts.

Giant T Rex Costume 1

But how did these dresses even originate? The suits were initially used in monster movies, like ‘Dinosaurs’, ‘Gorgo’ and others In those days, the films mostly resorted to some Animatronic brontosaurus suits, having radio-controlled heads. Times changed and eventually, people associated dinosaurs with some sitcoms as well.

If you check, there are puppet-suits too. Some of these are used for stage purposes alongside animation, controlled largely by remote systems. These suits allowed free movement of the wearer, as the legs could be visible. Some also had feathers after recent discoveries proved plumage that the creatures were known to have. However, some suits were mostly meant for live shows and appearances. For example, the triceratops and stegosaurus costumes involved two people, or sometimes more. Now you know how difficult it might be to carry such clothing every time you perform.

Few reputed companies also made few giant dinosaur costumes to get a realistic touch for theme parks, museums, and sightseeing zones. In fact, few were utilized like the life-size adult Triceratops or Velociraptors to advertise in movies (‘Jurassic Park’, if you can recollect?) What captured the attention of the masses is the complex behaviors that these created figures could display. For example, few could roar, snap, show affection by rubbing their heads or noses or simply attack the visitors. There were special microphones too that the suits had pre-installed and produced vocalizations.

How to order?

For the best results, you can look up the directories to see who manufactures such clothing. Generally, the professionals make the scraper on the skin using silicone. Added to that is the skill of painters who often use the realistic dinosaur colors to fuse the work together. Much like that, even the texture, shape and sounds can be selected by the buyer.

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Try ordering for the customized suits over phone or mail, as per the company rules. Or you can visit the online portal (if the company has a presence) and find the one of your choice.


There’s no dearth of options when it comes to choosing the companies you wish to get your giant dinosaur costume from. Read the reviews carefully and then proceed. While it’s not a bad idea to think of alternatives like sticking to your tailor, but few require the touch of experts.

Nowadays, plenty of customers look for the giant dinosaur costumes. As a result, many companies have diversified their operations and kept the prices effective.

So it’s time you invest in these quirky clothing and surprise visitors for the next theme party. Whether kids or adults, everyone will definitely take a deep liking to your idea of having dinosaurs on board!

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