3 Realistic Fossil Replicas In The US

Usually, it takes 60 days to order a realistic fossil replica overseas to reach your hands. (30 days for production + 30 days for sea shipping). 

Don’t wanna wait 60 days? You are in the right place. Now we have 3 realistic fossil replicas in the US – North Carolina Warehouse.

Order now, and reach your hands within 2 weeks. 

After-sale service is guaranteed. Additionally, we can ship to your address directly.

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Extremly Realistic Fossil Replicas In The US

The main material of the following realistic fossil replica in the us for sale is fiberglass. So they are waterproof, sunproof, and snowproof. If well protected, you can place them in your museum or park for at least 5 years.

A pair of Dig Site Replicas FS-01

US $7,400.00

Handheld Fiberglass Small Egg FS-02

US $740.00 For Four 

T-rex Skull For Exhibition FS-03

US $2,220.00