Fossil Record: The Dinosaurs That Didn’t Die

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There was an era when dinosaurs ruled the earth according to the fossil record. Scattered around the globe is evidence that the giant creatures once moved through the length and breadth of the earth.

Most people believe that all dinosaurs died, but evidence suggests the contrary. This article will show you what we learn from the fossil record: birds are the only surviving dinosaurs.

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Where are the Dinosaurs That Have Died?

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From records, it is obvious that many, if not all, dinosaurs got killed after an asteroid landed on the earth which led to volcanic eruption and explosion which saw the decimation of dinosaurs from the face of the earth.

Records still show what got left of the remains of some of these dinosaurs; some got shaped on rocks while others got found in the bottom of the sea, preserved by volcanic rocks while archeologists have been able to put in place some of their bones found and some of these assemblages have gotten kept in parks for site seeing like the famous Jurassic Park.

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What is the Fossil Record Shows?

A brid-like dinosaur is hunting in the river

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Most fossil records of dinosaurs bear semblance with present-day birds and it is not farfetched from the fact that circumstances made these birds adapt to their surrounding in other to survive or perish. From their habitation and way of life, one is quick to believe these claims that birds are the only serving dinosaurs.

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One would agree with me that fossil records have a lot to say to us all that whether dinosaurs once walked the surface of the earth and whether birds are the only surviving dinosaurs.

From assemblages done from fossils found in southeastern Asia like India-Pakistan, the record shows giant birds with teeth and long tails bearing semblance with present-day birds, save for their teeth.

How Did Birds Survive From the Asteroids?

Some birds are on the ground

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Have you ever imagined how it would feel like to be free up in the sky like a bird? How you would perch on trees, fly up to the cliff of rocks and mountains with ease? How could you fly away to safety if there were imminent danger? I nurse the same thoughts too. So we will be looking at the possible features that helped birds survive the great asteroid.

From their body mass and the ability of their wings to allow them to soar high up in the sky, unlike their much bigger and heavier cousins, birds could perch on woods or even migrate away from a hostile environment in less than minutes.

How Authentic are Fossil Records?

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Fossil records are not bedtime stories for children, rather they are products of long-time research, and discoveries, recorded, both in writing, images, and by way of assemblages.

Like Jurassic Park, fossil records are impossible to fault and unless one chooses to be a doubting Thomas, you can choose to visit some of the discovered sites where fossils got discovered around the world to clear your doubts.

Even though more discoveries are still getting made, some of which tend to refute certain age-long fossil records, these discoveries do not deny the existence of dinosaurs.

A giant trex fossil skeleton on the ground

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However, critics who want to discredit what is a fossil record, or is not, regarding the transition from dinosaur to bird say that transitional fossils are missing, according to Dr. Dave Hone, author of The article, “Birds and Dinosaurs: One of the Great Fossil Connections.

While there are gaps in the fossil record, this is no reason to start questioning Darwin’s theory, nor that there is not a clear transition from prehistoric beings to what can be observed today in both animals and humans.

FAQs About the Fossil Recond

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What is the Fossil Record Example?

They are the totality of fossils such as bones, shells, exoskeletons, prints of animals or microbes, objects preserved in amber, and DNA remnants.

Why are the Fossil Record So Important?

Because fossils provide important evidence for the evolution and adaptation of organisms to the environment. They record how organisms evolve, and the entire process in it.

How Old is the Fossil Record?

The oldest fossils date back to about 2.3-3.5 billion years ago and are formed by microorganisms like bacteria and cyanobacteria.

Final Thoughts

A giant dinosaur and two small dinosaurs with feathers

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No doubt, dinosaurs are wonderful creatures believed to have existed on the earth millions and billions of years ago until most went into extinction. Though, fossil records have shown that birds are the only surviving dinosaurs.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Would you like to know how long did a dinosaur live? Click to see other stories about dinosaurs. 

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