5 Reasons Why Kids Love Dinosaurs


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Do your kids love dinosaur? If your answer is a resounding “YES” then read on to find out why kids have a strong interest for these prehistoric creatures!


In this post, we’ll figure out what it is about dinosaurs that naturally draws kids’ interest and what to get for your dino-loving kid.

  • Dinosaurs are really cool.
  • Dinosaurs let them safely explore a dangerous world.
  • They can let their imagination run wild with dinosaurs.
  • They’re studying the world – dinosaurs included.
  • An intense interest in a certain topic boosts their confidence.


Do these make sense? Then let’s dive in.

Why Do Kids Love Dinosaurs?

Children can be difficult to understand sometimes, and childhood interests can be even more bizarre to adults. Something that looks totally simple and boring to grownups might be incredibly interesting to a child. Hence, it’s important to look at a kid’s interests from a kid’s perspective. We might have lost our imagination through adulthood, but not them so let them live off their fantasies! Here are some of the common reasons why children love dinosaurs.

A dinosaur with teeth

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1) Dinosaurs are really cool

First, let’s start with the most basic and obvious reason: Dinosaurs are awesome. Imagine your pets, but make them ten times bigger and stronger. Imagine how cool it would be if they start fighting with other giant pets. That’s probably how kids see dinosaurs.


What’s even better is that they all look different and unique, with varying shapes and colors. Some look scary and threatening like the terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex; others look more benign like the Brontosaurus. Nevertheless, they all have their unique quirks that make them interesting and appealing to kids. Dinos are almost like animal superheroes with each having their own special superpower!


2) Dinosaurs let them safely explore a dangerous world

Dinosaurs are extinct and pose no real threat to kids. Despite how scary and dangerous they might have been in real life, the knowledge that they are no longer around provides a certain reassurance that no one is in any real danger.


This allows kids to explore experiences that they might have otherwise thought too terrifying in real life, like dealing with large animals. Watching dino movies, reading dino books like Dinosaurs Love Underpants, and going to theme parks will really let your kids immerse themselves into what a dinosaur world would have been like, but with no actual danger involved.


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3) They can let their imagination run wild with dinosaurs

Unlike animals that kids can see and touch in real life like cats and dogs, dinosaurs are pretty much blank slates in terms of traits and abilities. Sure, you can read about what they were like when they were still around, but we really know so little about dinos that it’s easy for kids to just make up and imagine whatever and however they wanted to picture them.


That makes it so much more fun to go and play with dinosaurs because the sky’s the limit with what kids can do with them. Kids can make up crazy scenarios like the dinos all fighting each other or are all friends fighting one evil dino, and no one will be able to tell them otherwise.


4) They're studying the world - dinosaurs included

Kids take in information like a sponge soaks water. Even when they’re just playing around, they’re actually learning about the world around them. Dinosaurs are a great way to pique kids’ interest to learn more about the world, natural history, and evolution.

For example, they can learn the difference between a carnivore and herbivore by reading about the diets of different dinosaurs. Or they can read about how the dinosaurs all disappeared, and how their descendants adapted and evolved into the current day. Some kids just like dinos because they’re cool, but for most kids, there is a genuine desire to learn more about these fascinating creatures.


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5) An intense interest in a certain topic boosts their confidence

It’s common for kids to have an intense interest in a certain thing. An intense interest is a subject or topic that your kid develops a strong fascination over. Parents might notice that their toddlers are extraordinarily knowledgeable about a specific topic, even seeming like an expert on it. For example, a child might be able to memorize the names and habitats of different dinosaurs easily.


Researchers believe that having an intense interest boosts children’s confidence as it allows them to exhibit mastery and superiority when it comes to a given topic. So if your kid develops an intense interest in dinosaurs, go ahead and encourage it. Praise your kid’s knowledge and let them explore their curiosity by buying them dinosaur-related materials.


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There’s no one specific reason why kids like dinosaurs so much, and the answer can vary from child to child. A good way to get to know your child is to ask them why they’re so engrossed with dinos.


You can also observe how they play to get an idea of what your child likes most about them. Some kids love dinosaurs just because they look cool and are great fun to play with, but others have a deep curiosity about the natural world that can be encouraged into genuine interest in the sciences.

What to get a kid who likes dinosaurs?


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Like any childhood interest, it’s important not to discourage your kid’s obsessions, and just let them explore their curiosity. If you have a kid who’s into dinosaurs, here are some things you can do for your child to encourage their creativity and just let their imagination run wild and free!


Dinosaur theme parks

Visit a dino theme park with them. These theme parks have immersive tours where you can view realistic dinosaur animatronics in their simulated habitats. It will make you and your kids feel like they’re really walking among these majestic creatures.


Dinosaur movies

If you can’t afford a trip to a dinosaur theme park, you can just watch movies with your kids. There are tons of classic dino movies like Jurassic Park that will definitely entertain your kid. You can also find some fantastic movies from the 20 Best Dinosaur Cartoon Movies for Kids: The Latest List

Dinosaur costume

You can rent a dinosaur costume for you and your kid and just have fun playing along, or you can even both wear it on special occasions! There are lots of dinosaur merchandise you can purchase online such as a dinosaur loves you this much shirt that would look totally adorable for you and your kid.


Dinosaur toys

Let your kids have fun with their own set of dinosaur toys.


Dinosaur books

If you want to encourage your kids to learn more about dinosaurs, don’t forget to buy them books with trivia and information about dinos.

It almost feels like every child has gone through a dino phase at some point in their life. From toys to movies and even dinosaur world live theme parks, anything associated with a realistic dino is sure to be a bona fide hit with children. So, whether it’s just a passing phase or will be a life-long obsession, there’s no reason to stop kids’ love for dinosaurs. So let them know you support their interests 100%, and maybe even learn to love dinosaurs yourself!

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