Fireproof Animatronic Dinosaurs for Jurassic Adventure Golf UK


Days ago, we finished 12 Full Size Animatronic Dinosaurs. All dinosaurs are made of fireproof sponge, in order to meet the health & safety rules in the UK.

Animatronic Petrosaur

The biggest dinosaur in this order is Animatronic Brachiosaurus, which is 20m Long, 12m High. Just same size in the “Jurassic Park” Movie. It moves mouth, head, tail and making sound.

Next week, we will ship them to the UK. It’s for a Jurassic Adventure Golf in the UK.

Animatronic Brachiosaurus


Making Fireproof Animatronic Product

Making Fireproof Animatronic Dinosaur

Making Fireproof Robotic Dinosaur

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