Fine Work of Dinosaur Skull Replica

Today we’ll show you our museum quality Skulls of T-Rex & Triceratops. Look at the texture, cracked lines, dark brown colors. It seems transcending millions of years…These significant fossil characteristics surprised paleontologists.

Only Dinosaurs Production is a creative team who can reproduce dinosaur skeleton in life size scale. These two dinosaur skulls are in accordance with the real size of 10m long T-Rex & 6m long triceratops. The length of both skull are 1.5m.

It’s complicated work to replicate such a museum-class dinosaur skull.

Clay Moulding T-Rex Skull


At first we need to make a blueprint as per the data of a real dinosaur

After discussing with our experienced sculptors and dinosaur museum export, Clay sculpture starts

Moulding T-Rex Skull

Moulding Triceratops Skull
Surface Polished

Dinosaur Skeleton Replica Surface Polished
Coloring by our museum export

T-Rex Skull Replica

Triceratops Skull Replica

Due to our experienced team and craftmanship, our Dinosaur Skeleton Replica are normally used for education and exhibition. They are favored by museums, dinosaur parks, theme restaurants etc…..

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