Finding Ride-On T-Rex costume for Your Little One’s Birthday

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Birthday parties are the best times to unleash the larger-than-life side of people. And what can be better than having clothing or themes reflecting such? Specifically kids, who look forward to their most joyous days of the year!  An average kid’s birthday party will usually do justice to the age-old patterns of accessorizing and decorating. How about making it a little extreme this time with a Ride-On dinosaur costume or Riding T-Rex costume? Think of walking dinosaurs and your kids will be amazed at finding these creatures they’ve merely read or heard of, interacting and roaring in the party! Your little one will be amazed at a choice that many would not even dare to think of. Also, his friends will take the necessary cues and start planning for their big day.

Why Dinosaurs?

So it might occur to you that ‘why dinosaurs’, when there are a plethora of ideas to select from? Frankly, kids love dinosaurs. Have you ever seen how their eyes spark up simply looking at those videos?  Or even while playing with them when in virtual reality play zones? Michael Crichton had to put a lot of effort in bringing these out-of-the-world creatures to life in his ‘Jurassic Park’ collection.

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Even Steven Spielberg who started adapting the series on screen knew the exact level of hard work he had to put to let the film shine and stay etched in the memories, long after it’s made. The film stands one of the highest grosser in the history of blockbuster hit films ever made. Combined with that is an experience that’s simply unmatched and unforgettable, both for kids and adults. Thereafter, there were talented filmmakers too, who showcased different sides of the story spun wonderfully.

What are the possible activities you can bring to the table with Dinosaurs?

So now that you have more or less made your mind to surprise your little one on the grand day with dinosaurs, think of introducing some quirky games and activities to make the party fun. Alongside kids, you can have walk and race the dinosaur, depending on the space available. Also, playing or dancing with the different categories of dinosaurs means your kids can learn about the different types that ever walked the space of earth. Innovative tasks can also be introduced like feeding your dinosaur buddy, dressing it, clicking selfies and group pictures. Additionally, they can give you company during the cake-cutting and singing ceremony.

What are the options among Dino dresses?

But that’s not all! How would the kids feel it’s a real thing, if you do not make them dress according to the theme? Having dinosaur suits and accessories imply you’re doing a fabulous job in ensuring everything is in place.

Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Below mentioned is a list of few realistic dinosaur costumes that you must definitely go for.

  • Velociraptor Movable Kids mask and attire: These usually come in packs. So the next time, the celebration is due, choose this durable mask and attire that would give your bundle of joy. With the moveable jaw feature, the kids would indeed have a nice time dancing and playing about with his buddies for hours, at a stretch. In fact, it is so easy to use that he can also recreate some of the most favorite scenes he saw from any of the films in the ‘Jurassic Park’ series.
  • T-Rex movable mask and suit: There’s something about T-Rex that gets us captivated to the world of dinosaurs! When we last saw him, he was battling the Indomnius and that was a hybrid created for the park. If your kids know the stories well, try realistic dinosaur Costume such as Ride-On T-Rex costume for them. Using their own knowledge, they can invent games and have the best time with the others. The mask and suit looks exactly like that of the real dinosaur. Besides, your kid won’t experience difficulty as the fabric is made from molded plastic. Let the kids slip into their dresses and see how they roar! The legacy of T-Rex is all about force and power. Train your kids to maintain that and how they can emerge successful by showcasing their valor in the birthday party.

Few unique Ride-On T-Rex costume alternatives:

Realistic Dinosaur Suit
  • Baby Roar costume: If the little infant is a little too perplexed with the arrangements in the birthday party, make him feel special with baby roar costumes. Designed specifically for newborns and infants, these are smaller in sizes and look absolutely playful. The head section is comparatively large to accommodate the baby’s head and give him ample room to breathe. You can either opt for the jumpsuit separately or have the hood attached with it, as per your convenience. But ensure that your kid actually feels powerful like the dino and the model that he’s wearing!
  • Kids’ Triceratops Costume: How about adding a dollop of paint on your kid’s face to accentuate the feel in the birthday party themed on dinosaurs? This will not only complement the costume as this, but you can capture some wonderful clicks with it. The ferocious Triceratops knew exactly how it sneaked up and emerged straight from the forests and jungles. So, let your kid get into the skin of the character by putting on that expression of fear and create a hunting environment for his playmates. Don’t forget to ask him to pose!

How to select the best Ride-On Dinosaur costume?

While it’s a tad tough to comment about which attire stands the best, you can take a look at the different materials available in market. For kids, it will be ideal to stick to materials, which render them comfort at every point of the party. You can also opt for printed designs or try the plain ones. But always ask your kid if he or she is comfortable with the masks, hats and jumpsuits or any one of these.

The idea is to stand unique and provide kids the maximum enjoyment. Alternatively, you can have your own attire Ride-On T-Rex costume too! After all, the birthday party must reflect the theme in every possible way. Except for the dinosaur costumes, the 35 Unique Dinosaur Cake Ideas Everybody Will Love & Enjoy are also good for birthday parties.

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