Italian Client Finalize Animatronic Dinosaur Order

Italy Client Visit for Animatronic Dinosaurs

Last month, 3 Italian clients visited OnlyDinosaurs. After long time communication with our sales and technical team, they accepted our Animatronic Dinosaur products. So they come to our factory to check animatronic dinosaur products when they made the purchase plan.

Italy Clients Check Animatronic Dinosaur Factory
Italy Clients Check Animatronic Factory
Italy Clients Check Dinosaur Factory 1

There are two purposes for this trip:
1.To check the quality of our animatronic dinosaur and fiberglass dinosaur products.
2.To provide us their requirement & customized designs.
They plan to build largest dinosaur water park in Italy.

Clients Visit Animatronic Factory
Italy Clients Check Dinosaur Factory 1
Clients Visit Animatronics Factory
Clients Visit Dinosaur Factory
Clients Visit Animatronic Dinosaur Factory

During the visit, they were amazed at our manufacturing technique, and satisfied with the vivid shape, roars and color of our animatronic dinosaurs.

“Your magic hands give the real blood, flesh, bones and lives to these prehistoric creatures” They said.

Italy Clients Finalize Animatronic Dinosaur Order
Italy Clients Finalize Animatronic Dinosaurs Order
Italy Clients Finalize Dinosaur Product Order

In two days business negotiation, Italian clients discussed all the details, and finally signed contract with us.

After that, we made them a tour round Zigong Dinosaur Museum and ancient town. At parting, Clients admired that there were not only real dinosaurs in this city, but also kind and honest people. They had confidence of cooperation with OnlyDinosaurs.

Italy Client Visit for Animatronic Dinosaur
Italy Client Visit for Animatronics
Italy Client Visit for Animatronic Order

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