15 Signature Final Fantasy Summons Any Player Will Remember

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Final Fantasy summons have the series’ games ten times better. The visual effects and the powerful spells that accompany them in battle are simply stunning and life-saving. Not to mention the backstories that give dimension to FF (Final Fantasy) summons.

We’re fans of these because they make awesome custom costumes! Imagine walking into a cosplay with a look inspired by a Final Fantasy summon like this cool Chocobo costume.

So here’s an easy list of Final Fantasy summons to walk you through the most iconic ones any player of the game will fondly remember.

Ready, player 1? “Press the button to continue” and let’s go!

Final Fantasy Summon #1: Ifrit

Flames of fury characterize this fiery Final Fantasy summon. Ifrit was inspired by the Jinn from Arabian mythos that were creatures who used fire. Hence Ifrit’s look and signature attack called Inferno.

This guy’s definitely worth having on your team. Why? A good reason’s found in Final Fantasy XI where Ifrit can deal opponents with a devastating damage of 10,000 with his Flaming Crush attack!

A Dark Red Horned Monster in White Background

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Did you know this Final Fantasy favorite not only has devastating attacks but a healing ability too? Ifrit has an ability called “Healing Light” in Final Fantasy III that restores your party’s health.

Fun fact: Ifrit is one of the most frequently appearing Final Fantasy summons, making him a character any player will remember for sure. Ifrit’s appeared in the third installment up to the 15th, except for FF12 where the summon Belias stands in place for Ifrit.

Final Fantasy Summon #2: Shiva

Shiva is Final Fantasy’s queen of ice who’s an impactful combination of beauty and strength. She has a human-like appearance and an otherworldly attack called “Diamond Dust” that inflicts ice-elemental damage to opponents.

Shiva is also one of the most frequently appearing Final Fantasy summons. She’s appeared in Final Fantasy III to the 15th installment in various forms.

A Silver Motorcycle with a Blue-silver Woman at the End

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What’s interesting in those appearances is her form in Final Fantasy XIII. She appears in FFXIII as a pair of sisters who can transform into a very cool motorcycle you can ride.

Fun fact: Shiva and Ifrit share a short-lived love story in Final Fantasy XV. She fell in love with him when he gave fire to humanity that helped them thrive. Ifrit’s compassion touched Shiva and changed her aloof perspective towards mankind.

Final Fantasy Summon #3: Titan

Beware the great giant who can make the earth swallow the mightiest of armies. Titan is one of the Final Fantasy summons who wins battles by brute force.

No fancy tricks here, just sheer willpower and strength fuels his signature attack, Gaia’s Wrath. It’s enough to make him win against any non-airborne opponent as it deals a hefty earth-elemental damage.

Titan’s also one of the FF summons who often appears in the series. Titan has shown up from FFIII to FFXV, except in the 6th installment.

Fun fact: Titan was inspired by the Titans from Greek mythology.

Final Fantasy Summon #4: Bahamut

We’ve seen FF summons like a titan, a deity of ice, and a furious jin of fire. But how about the king of all dragons as part of your team? Pretty cool, right?

Bahamut’s one such summon who’s also known as The Dragon King or the First Sire. He’s a boss you battle first before gaining him as a summon. And mind you, it’s no easy feat! But you’ll prove your gaming skills’ awesomeness when you do.

Bahamut’s an iconic Final Fantasy summon because he’s one of the game’s strongest ones and has appeared in nearly every installment, including Final Fantasy I.

Fun fact: Bahamut’s so popular that he’s also appeared in games outside Final Fantasy like Assassin’s Creed, Super Mario, and Bravely.

Final Fantasy Summon #5: Odin

Killer moves are the name of the game for Final Fantasy summons. And Odin takes it to the next level with his famous Zantetsuken that instantly knocks out enemies.

This Final Fantasy summon is most remembered by fans in FFVII because of his super cool appearance, his blazing sword, and his six-legged steed, Sleipnir. Odin was unfortunately defeated by Seifer in FFVIII but this doesn’t keep him from starring in later versions of Final Fantasy.

Fun fact: Final Fantasy’s Odin was influenced by Norse mythology where a deity by the same name was esteemed. You’ll see this played out well by Marvel’s movie, Thor.

Final Fantasy Summon #6: Ramuh

Lightning strikes and a judgment bolt appears — Ramuh’s entered the battle scene. This epic Final Fantasy summon is one of the series’ most beloved characters because of his incredible ability, appearance, and summon sequence.

Who doesn’t love a wizened mage that strikes opponents with lightning to tell them it’s game over, right? What’s even more memorable is how his character is a benevolent being who helps the heroes one way or another. He’s unlike other FF summons who have personalities that are either hostile or indifferent.

Fun facts: Ramuh is also a well-loved summon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He dazzles the stage with electricity which damages the enemies who touch them.

Final Fantasy Summon #7: Golem

Need something to shield yourself and your crew from opponent’s attacks? A Final Fantasy summon like Golem is your best bet as it can block a lot of the physical damage enemies can throw at you.

How you ask? Golem’s physical makeup gives it that ability as it’s made up of earthy material like clay, metal, and rock.

Gain Golem as a friend when you help him out in a battle against dragons in Final Fantasy V. He’s also a hardy enemy that’s efficiently defensive against most attacks throughout the Final Fantasy series.

Fun fact: This rugged summon appears in one of the game’s cutest summons’ own series, Chocobo Racing. Golem plays the role of a gatekeeper in the village where Chocobo lives.

Final Fantasy Summon #8: Chocobo

Final Fantasy summons have looks that can kill. But how about looks that are so charming that you can’t help but gush over it? That’s Chocobo for you!

Don’t be fooled by its innate cuteness though as this Final Fantasy summon has three signature moves opponents would sure wish they’d miss!

  • Chocobo Kick
  • Choco Meteor
  • Chocobuckle
Final Fantasy Summons-A Large Yellow Bird Costume with Blue Eyes Standing with Trees and Plants in the Background

Photo by Only Dinosaurs

Chocobos are most known for being fast and lithe. That’s why they can be used as a trusty steed on top of being an ally in battle. You can travel faster by riding a Chocobo because it runs as fast as 20 mph.

This lovable yellow bird is one of the FF summons most remembered by fans because it’s appeared in nearly every installment from the third to the 16th. Chocobo also has its own fun spin-off games that made it even more memorable to Final Fantasy fans.

Fun fact: the backstory that inspired this beloved summon-slash-mascot is as cute as Chocobo itself! Its name came from Morinaga’s chocolate ball product that sported a bird mascot. The mascot also tweets a word that sounds like “kweh!” which inspired the Chocobo’s famous sound in Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy Summon #9: Carbuncle

Another cute Final Fantasy summon is Carbuncle. This adorable fox-like creature that could be Eevee’s cousin from Pokemon plays a support role when summoned.

Carbuncle’s main abilities are to protect and to heal players in contrast to other FF summons whose abilities are primarily for offense. The names of Carbuncle’s abilities vary throughout the game and commonly goes as Ruby Light.

Fun fact: Carbuncle’s name came from an old term used to call red garnet, hence its signature red gem on its forehead and the name of its attack, Ruby Light.

Final Fantasy Summon #10: Cactuar

Final Fantasy summons don’t seem to run out of adorable characters, don’t they? And this one’s comical too!

Cactuar is your guy when you need a thousand needles that can pierce enemies to win the fight. You get yourself a little comic relief too while in the heat of the battle.

This beloved mascot-slash-summon first caught the hearts of players in FFVI and went on to be one of the iconic FF summons.

Fun fact: Cactuar appeared in Final Fantasy not just as a summon but as a regular enemy, a boss, and even as a train conductor too!

Final Fantasy Summon #11: Leviathan

Now we’re back to Final Fantasy summons who’ll make enemy forces retreat in defeat. Meet the King of the Seas — Leviathan.

Foes are quickly swept away and dealt massive damage by Leviathan’s “Tidal Wave”. His summon suquence’s dramatic crashes of water adds to the thrilling game experience as opponents are defeated.

These have cemented Leviathan as one of the best known summons in Final Fantasy. His formidable power and giant serpent-like appearance stands are just unforgettable.

Fun fact: Leviathan also has a support role aside from being on the offensive side during fights. He can heal players’ HP using the Recover command in FFVIII.

Final Fantasy Summon #12: Phoenix

Have you noticed that summons in Final Fantasy play dual roles? Just like Leviathan, Phoenix also has the ability to revive party members in addition to being able to inflict damage on enemies through “Flames of Rebirth”.

The difference is the presence of Phoenix’s healing ability in every game it appears in. This is unlike Leviathan’s ability that’s only available in Final Fantasy VIII.

Countless fans have been saved by Phoenix just when all hope seems lost since it appeared in FFV. Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth can deal that last blow to knock the enemy out and restore HP to your weakened crew.

Fun fact: Phoenix was inspired by the mythological bird from the Fenghuang. It’s said to be a combination of a pheasant, mandarin duck, and peacock.

Final Fantasy Summon #13: Alexander

A Gigantic Fortress-like Robot with White Wings in Battle with a Red-Winged Dragon

Source by: MJ Symansky

If there’s one Final Fantasy summon that ever defeated the mighty Bahamut, it’s Alexander. Alexander defeated the King of the Dragons in Final Fantasy IX where he unleashed his powerful attack called Holy Judgment on him. It’s also one of his coolest scenes in Final Fantasy.

Alexander’s a mighty robot that’s shaped like an impenetrable fortress. His attack is a holy-elemental type throughout the series. Additionally, Alexander also has defensive capabilities in FFXI that can make players more damage and status-effect-resistant.

Fun fact: Final Fantasy summons are often influenced by mythology and Alexander is no exception. It’s inspired by the Gates of Alexander that were thought to have been raised by a mythological creature as a means of protection for the Macedonian Empire.

Final Fantasy Summon #14: The Magus Sisters

Girl power plays a powerful role through The Magus Sisters. They’re one of the most powerful FF summons in the 10th installment of the series. Power doesn’t come short in here because it’s three aeons battling as one once you’ve acquired The Magus Sisters.

Their abilities include physical attacks, defense, and magic. They’re able to deal incredible amounts of damage even at the start of the battle despite the fact that you can’t command them what to do. The sisters only take suggestions from the player but that’s no biggie since whatever they choose would be a powerful move.

The Magus Sisters first appeared as a boss in Final Fantasy IV before transitioning into a summon in later installments of Final Fantasy.

Fun fact: The Magus Sisters’ attacks were inspired by military and fencing moves. Razzia came from the Arabic word for “raid”, Camisado is a military surprise tactic, while Passado is a fencing move that lunges forward.

Final Fantasy Summon #15: Knights of the Round

Thought The Magus Sisters were awesome for being a three-in-one team? You’ll be even more impressed with the Knights of the Round who’re a 13-in-1 Final Fantasy summon!

The Knights of the Round first appeared in Final Fantasy VII where they became famous for being the game’s strongest summon materia. And funnily, for being the game’s longest summon sequence too.

This band of brothers also appeared in Final Fantasy XIV as the last boss. They also appeared in Final Fantasy XV as the kings of Lucis who helped Noctis destroy the game’s protagonist, Ardyn.

Fun fact: The Knights of the Round were inspired by – you guessed it – the Knights of the Round Table.

Final Fantasy Summons: Blast from The Past

Graphic Art of a Man in Blue Shirt and Red Cape Standing Beside a Yellow Bird Ona Cliff

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How was your trip down memory lane after walking through this article’s Final Fantasy summons? They bring back a lot of nostalgia, don’t they?

The incredible moments where you thought you’d never win the fight then a Final Fantasy summon comes just in time. The storylines that accompany each new summon you meet. And the experience of being fighting like never before.

Now it’s your turn. Who’s your favorite from this list? Which one would you love to don as a true to life customized costume the next party you go to?

The choice is yours. Have fun!

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