Realistic Dinosaur Costume

What is Realistic Dinosaur Costume?

Realistic Dinosaur Costume is a full body suit that gives the wearer the appearance of being a dinosaur. It has amazingly lifelike skin, walking and makes loud ROOOAR. After sculpture, texture, skin and painting work, a realistic dinosaur costume will come to life in front of your eyes.

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Weight: Within 22 KGS
Type: T-Rex Costume & Velociraptor Costume
Dimension: 4m Long, 2m High
Materials: Stainless steel & Foam
Movements: Eyes, head, neck, tail, walking even running…
Timeline: Basically 20 Days
Size: Suitable for 1.60m to 1.80m Performer. Customize for oversized
Accessories: Monitor, speaker, air fan, battery, camera, sound box
Montior: HDMI LCD / 1080P / 5.5 inches
Speaker: 35W
Air Fan: 5W / 7 inches
Battery: 12V / 5AH/20HR
Camera: 8.0MP
Sound Box: Insert TF card to customize roaring
Oscar · B

I have been working with Onlydinosaurs for almost 2 years. They work closely with you to make sure your expectations are met.

Anna S
Anna · S

The team from only dinosaurs offered us with fun, captivating exhibit that our customers of all ages enjoyed!

Andy H
Andy · H

It’s the after sales service and friendly nature of the team at Only Dinosaurs that has convinced us to carry on investing with them.

Dan · B

Children absolutely loved the dragon. The audience take a breath the first time she walked on stage. Very impressed by everything.

After 65 millions years, dinosaurs back to life!

  • How to Make
    Five steps to complete realistic dinosaur costume
    Realistic dinosaur T-Rex Costume
  • How to Perform
    Showing how to operate mouth, eyes and walking etc…
    Realistic dinosaur T-Rex Costume
Realistic T-Rex Suit for adult
Realistic T-Rex Costume

T-Rex is one of the most loving dinosaurs you will ever encounter. We have sold over 500 costumes all over the world up to now.

Realistic Velociraptor Suit for adult
Realistic Velociraptor Costume

Velociraptor is also popular series, sparking the world. More than 300 Velociraptor Costumes are sold and safely delivered to customers.

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Realistic Dinosaur Costume

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