Realistic Dinosaur Costume

Realistic Dinosaur Costume Specifications:


Weight: Within 22 KGS
Type: T-Rex Costume & VelociRaptor Costume, click for more
Dimension: 4m Long, 2m High
Materials: Stainless steel & Foam
Movements: Eyes, head, neck, tail, walking even running…
Production time: Basically 20 Days
Suitable for 1.60m to 1.80m Performer. Customize for oversized
Price: Contact Us for free quote

Realistic Dinosaur Costume Catalogue
Adult Dinosaur Costume Improvements:

Bigger Air fan to cool inside performer
Louder Speaker – SD card. That means you can change whatever sound you like
Larger Capacity Battery, which enable our dinosaur costume lasts longer

How to Put on Dinosaur Costume


After 65 millions years, dinosaurs back to life!



  • How to Make
    How to Make Realistic Dinosaur Costume
    How to Make Realistic Dinosaur Costume
  • How to Perform
    How to Perform Realistic T-Rex Costume
    How to Perform Realistic T-Rex Costume


Real Dinosaur Suits Accessories Included (No Extra Fee)

  • Hanger of Dinosaur Costume
  • Necklace of Dinosaur Costume
    Necklace and Iron Chain
  • Dinosaur Costume Speaker
  • Dinosaur Costume Monitor
  • Dinosaur Costume Air Fan
    Air Fan
  • Dinosaur Costume Battery
  • Dinosaur COSTUME Camera
  • Dinosaur Costume Adapter
  • Dinosaur Costume Performer Pants
    Performer Pants
  • Flight Case for Dinosaur Costume
    Flight Case

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