Walking Dino Ride

Custom Design WALKING DINOSAUR RIDE! Funny riding equipment and easy control!

(1). Type: Triceratops, Ankylosaurus and Styracosaurus  are Hot-Sales
(2). Dimension: 3 meters long and 1.2 meters high
(3). Movements: Head moving, tail left to right, walking. (All can be control by hand)
(4). Production Lead time: 30 Days, depends on final order quantity
(5). Accessaries: Fiberglass Seat, safety belt, storage battery and charger
(6). Price: Depends on final order quantity

Walking Dinosaur Ride Catalogue


Walking Dinosaur Ride Banner


Walking Dinosaur Operated Mode

Animatronic Metal Frame

Walking Dinosaur Animatronic Frame

Sculpture Work

Walking Dinosaur Sculpting

Silicone Skin-Grafting

Walking Dinosaur Silicone Skin

Finished Walking Dinosaur Ride Product (Ankylosaurus Style)

Walking Dinosaur Ride for Sale

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