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Except for hot-sales Animatronic Animal, we specializing in manufacturing Festival Theme Lantern. Basically, we can customize two kinds of theme lanterns as Traditional Chinese Lantern and Western Theme Lantern for our clients around the world. Our Festival Theme Lantern is available for indoor and outdoor’s decoration.

Cartoon, Animal, Science Fiction, Myth……all could be our manufacturing theme as Lantern Decorations. We build one funny and colorful world for our clients. Our Theme Lantern Decorations is available for parks, theme playgrounds, shopping plazas or malls……as festival or carnival decorations.

Click here to see video for Chinese Lantern Festival, reported by CCTV
Festival Theme Lantern

                              Simple way we make Festival Lantern Decorations:
                               (1). Paint ink marker on the ground as manufacturing shape of the lantern
                               (2). Handcraft the iron wire to the Lantern Type
                               (3). Bundle energy-saving bulbs inside
                               (4). Glue silk cloth on the molding iron wire of lantern
                               (5). Give color on silk to be one completed lantern work
     Our materials including silk, silkworm cocoon, CD and useless bottle etc. Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection are in our manufacturing technology.

Theme Lantern Supplier

       We offer installing service on site and warranty period of 24 months for our clients. The features for our Lantern Exhibit as below points:

                              (1). Keep long-term running after connect power
                              (2). Weight is very light and easy to carry, dismantle and assemble
                              (3). Operation like house light
Lantern manufacturer in China

Main usage as Carnival Lantern Decorations, Festival Lantern Exhibits, Holiday Lantern Decorations……

Video for Festival Lantern Productions as Dreamy Dome and Chinese Paper Fans
Chinese Lantern Decorations

Foreign visitors have more love and interest to our Festival & Carnival Lantern Exhibits. Our Lantern Decoration Projects for USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands…… More projects to be continued……
Theme Lantern Attraction

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