Realistic Dragon Costume


Realistic Dragon Costume is popular in Europe and north America. When the mysterious and evil creature came into the crowd, there is always a blockbuster. Realistic Dragon Suit is also a frequent visitor in Comic-con and Public Festival. Super Heroes and visitors have made lots of interesting and cool selfies with dragon suit. Do you want a selfie with cool dragon?


  • Realistic Dragon Costume Bright Eyes
    Shining Eyes
    Make its prey terrified
  • Realistic Dragon Costume Moving Wings
    Flapping Wings
    May create a disastrous storm
  • Realistic Dragon Costume Lifelike Texture
    Lifelike Texture
    Looks so thrilling
  • Realistic Dragon Costume Smoke Breathing
    Smoke Breathing
    Predicts angry flame is coming


Our dragon is so naughty. Look, he’s sabre rattling and playing with flapping wings.


He has been locked here for long time and need a warrior to tame him. Where is the dragon warrior?


Meet Our Realistic Dragon Costumes


  • Lifelike Dragon Costume
  • Realistic Red Dragon Costume
  • Realistic Nadder Dragon Costume
  • Realistic Grey Dragon Costume
  • Scarlet Realistic Dragon Costume
  • Realistic Nadder Dragon Suits


As per clients design, we provide customized shape, color and roars etc. for the Realistic Dragon Costume.

  • Blue Realistic Dragon Suit
  • Green Realistic Dragon Suit for adult
  • Realistic Dragon Suit
  • Grey Realistic Dragon Suit for Adult


Do you want an unusual Dragon to be your Guardian? We can make it happen.

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