Interactive Dino Equipment

Fiberglass Dinosaur Head



We customize Fiberglass Dinosaur Head as indoor or outdoor Dino Equipment of joyful taking photo. The Fiberglass Dinosaur Head is about 2-2.5m height, and kids can climb to dinosaur mouth for taking photo.

Dinosaur Head can be customized any type such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops or Allosaurus etc…… We produce the dino equipment according to client’s customization. 






Dinosaur Entrance






This is Dinosaur Head Entrance. As entrance of the lost world, people can go through it. The Dino Equipment is 2.5m height that is available for anyone playing. Like picture shows, family get together to entrance for taking photo. Interesting!!!






Animatronic Dinosaur Egg


Animatronic Dinosaur Egg and Fiberglss Eggshell is popular Dino Theme Decorations. They always be layout around Dino Theme Exhibition. Visitors can hug Animatronic Dinosaur Egg for taking photo, and go inside the eggshell for taking photo.

The Dinosaur Egg Equipment is popular among kids and female visitors. They seemingly found dino baby dreamy as pet. So funny!!!

Click here to see Animatronic Dinosaur Egg Video



Stamp Dinosaur Facility



Interactive Dinosaur Stamper! The dinosaur exhibit is often decorated in indoor’s entrance. While people visit Dinosaur Exhibition, marked one seal of Dinosaur Warrior as souvenir and says “welcome……”. The cartoon animatronic dinosaur is kind to children!!!

Size: 1.5m high Dinosaur Stamper

Sound: set various languages according to clients’ requirement

Seal: customize various languages on seal

Funny Dinosaur Stamper, right?

Click here to see Dinosaur Stamper Video

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