Dinosaur Ride


(1). We customize any type of Animatronic Dinosaur Ride, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Dilophosaurus etc.

(2). Operated Mode: Inserting Coin (custom coin machine)

(3). Custom fiberglass chair, safety belt, game coins, ladders etc.

Do you want to be a Jurassic warrior? Ordering our animatronic dinosaur ride, and having opportunity to conquer Real Dinosaur  





Dinosaur Ride Accessories

Animatronic Metal Frame

Dinosaur Ride Metal Frame Animatronics

Sculpture Work

Dinosaur Ride Sculpting

Silicone Skin-Grafting

Dinosaur Ride Silicone Skin

Finished Dinosaur Ride (Carnotaurus Style)

Animatronic Carnotaurus Ride

Hot Sales Dinosaur Ride


Dinosaur Ride Animatronic Accessories

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