Custom Costume Manufacturer

As experienced custom costume manufacturer, we’ve created Chocobo, Ogretail, Nadder and all different kinds of custom dinosaur costume / custom creature costume.

Basically, our team has craftsmanship & skills to fabricate any custom creature costumes. That is to say, the color, appearance, texture as well as sound can be customized. More importantly, our team has passion to create anything special & unique.

Custom Green Dinosaur T-Rex Costume enjoys sunshine

Custom Color

Just provide any color design even hand sketch, then we will create required color.

Custom Chocobo Costume walks around trees

Custom Appearance

We can customize the appearance. For instance, any types of Dinosaurs, Dragons, Animal Creatures etc.

Custom VelociRaptor Dinosaur Costume's Sound

Custom Sound

Replace your favorite dino sound into the TF card. Usually, 2 secs MP3 file is recommended.


It’s completely customizable! No matter what kind of design, the custom costume can be restored. Such as Dinosaur, Dragon, Chocobo etc… In the other words, we can customize color, appearance and sound.

Custom Suits
Custom Experts
Happy Clients
Chris Roberts

“I am in UK and have purchased 3 dinosaurs from this company. I’am very impressed with the quality of the build and the overall experience in custom service.”

Chris Roberts

What We Did

We assure the custom work is exactly what you want. So we will send each step progress pictures. Such as appearance, texture and color for your confirmation. Once get your “yes”, we will proceed.

Custom Realistic Ogretail Suit is hanged
Custom Lifesize Chocobo Costume dinosaur
Custom Dinosaur Velociraptor Costume with feathers
Custom Yellow Cartoon Dinosaur Costume
Custom Realistic Dinosaur Costume stands under trees
Custom Realistic Dinosaur Parasaurolophus suit stands under trees
Custom Realistic Dragon Costume stands under trees
Custom Realistic Dragon Nadder Costume is roaring
Cartoon Shrek Dragon Suit custom