Animatronic Character

We do not only make Animatronic Animal, but also Animatronic Character. Basically, any theme figure can be our manufactured character, and our animatronic characters from film, cartoon, fairy tale, halloween demon, business logo, imaginary figure…… These characters with lifelike sound and motion are suitable for decorating shopping mall, cinema, supermarket, haunted house, amusement park……

We can customize Animatronic Alien for show! The public can interact with these animatronic aliens! In the aliens, Animatronic ET is the hottest sale!
Interactive Animatronic Alien Productions:Test Speed Spaceman, Candy Box Monster(real candy inside), Mini Control Animatronic ET, Hand wrestling Ultraman, Space Ship Ride…….

Click here to see video for Animatronic Aliens

Custom Animatronic Alien for Show
Animatronic ET Show at Indoor


Animatronic Cartoon Figure for show

We customize Animatronic Cartoon Figure according to client’s requirement.

Do you want to get cloer to cartoon superheroes and figures? We can turn them into real world.

Hereon, we can produce Superman, Spiderman, Hulk , SpongeBob, Flintstones, Shrek……

Choosing us, getting interested animatronic cartoon figures.

Video for Animatronic Cartoon Figure






We can customize Animatronic Demon as scary attraction.Animatronic Demon for Halloween

Our Animatronic Demons are available for Haunted House, Halloween etc. Fearsome movement and sacry cry frighten you.

We can customize Hungry Ghost, Vampire, Walking Dead, Witch, Mummy, Zombie……

Choosing us, getting scary animatronic demons.

Video for Animatronic Demon

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