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Animatronic Dinosaurs


Our team discuss with researchers from Dinosaur Museum about every detail of dino design – from skin’s color, texture to roaring sound and type. This confirms that each Animatronic Dinosaur is made with the most precise data available and is based on the informed opinions of experts.

Driven by imported engines, our animatronic dinosaurs are able to move fluently, quietly and in realistic orbits that vary in speed.





Animatronic Animal


Animatronic Animal


Except for Dinosaur, our Animatronic Animal is popular exhibits. Whaterver jungle or desert animal, strong lion or tiger; keen kangaroo or leopard; cute panda or koala; powerful camel or bull, we make all creatures true.

Choosing us, could create amazing jungle livings under boring city life.






Animatronic Dinosaur Costume



Animatronic Dinosaur Costume

Performer wear  dinosaur costume to surprise visitors. Dinosaur costume prop is available for ceremony and festivals etc., shuch as hallwoeen, christmas and curiosity show etc. 

Sudden surprise must shock people……

Walking Dinosaur Costume!  Best exhibiting prop!





Walking Dinosaur Ride

Wonderful WALKING DINOSAUR EQUIPMENT for kids. Kids can ride dinosaur and make it walk. Through bar, steering wheel or halter on the back of dinosaur, rider control dinosaur’s walking direction!  














Dinosaur Lay Egg


(1).Filling Dinosaur Egg Toys(Dino Puzzle) inside dinosaur’s body
(2).After operating, dinosaur lay eggs
Client can sell dino eggs or offer free as memory gifts.










Interactive Dinosaur


Interactive Dinosaurs


Amongst interactive animatronic dinosaurs exhibition, there should be something interactive for guests. We create life-sized dinosaur with a control table, where they can control and explore dinosaur movements.

Easy to play!!!

It can be set as coin operated. That is to say, one coin insert, you can play 1 or 2 minutes. 

Interactive Dinosaur Video









Dinosaur Ride



Dinosaur Rides


Like a hero, kids can ride on animatronic dinosaur. With realistic movements & alive roaring sound, it’s an exciting & amazing experience for kids.

However before this, please make sure your kids are not afraid of our dinosaurs! 🙂





Kids Dino Digging Site


Fossil Digging Site

Fossil Digging Site is an interactive event aiming to simulate a real dinosaur expedition project.

Kids will be equipped with special tools and outfits, trained by a ‘paleontology professor’: how to work carefully in an expedition area, how to handle the fossils they will find. Finally they will perform their skills in the field. Interesting, isn’t it?



Dinosaur Fossil Replica


Dinosaur Skeleton Replica

Discussing with Dinosaur Museum experts, we use fiberglass materials to  make life size Dinosaur Skeleton Replica.  The handcraft dinosaur skeleton replica is available for outdoor and indoor.

Hot sale for Museums, fashion shops and department stores as exhibit and promotion.




Animal Fiberglass Item


 Animal Fiberglass Item

Static Fiberglass Animal statue as outdoor or indoor landscape is popular. Fiberglass Dinosaur or Animal is almost decorated at any occasions such as amusement park, theme cafe, holiday resort, shopping mall, hotel……


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