Comprehensive Guide
To Dragon Costume Specifications

Guide To Dragon Costume Specifications

This guide breaks down all dragon costume specs – exterior details, comfort features, and even warranties.
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Lifelike Dragon Costume

Recommended Performance Duration: 20-30 minutes

Full Size: 4.00*0.60*2.70 Meters (13.0*2.00*8.90 Feet)

Crate Size: 2.40*0.90*1.15 Meters (7.90*3.00*3.80 Feet)

Dragon Weight: 21KG

Total Weight: 69KG (21KG Costume + 5KG Accessories + 43KG Crate)

​Dragon Costume Specifications For The Exterior

Discover the outer specifications of our realistic dragon costumes, showcasing customizable colors, authentic scale textures, and a distinct shape for an impressive presence.

The Vibrant Costume Colors

Our dragon costume specifications highlight an extensive range of vivid colors, perfectly designed to meet performers’ customized requirements.

color wheel

These customizable colors ensure that our dragon costumes unique, one of a kind.

Designed With Unique Shapes

We specialize in creating dragon with diverse and imaginative shapes, and from intricate dragon costume wings to tail designs, bringing your creative visions to life with exceptional detail and craftsmanship.

Realistic Costume Skin Textures

Our adult dragon costume features remarkably realistic skin textures, crafted with durable materials to emulate the intricate dragon scales and skin.

We capture the intricate details of dragon scales, providing a high level of authenticity.

Not only does it provide an authentic appearance, but it’s also exceptionally durable, ensuring longevity wear after wear.

Invisible Zippers Enhance Authenticity

The invisible zippers seamlessly blend into the fabric, making our dragon costumes more realistic and believable, adding to the magic of any performance.

red dragon costume specifications-invisible zipper

HD Cameras Elevate Your Performance

Whether it’s day or night, our HD cameras provide performers with a clear view. Performers can move with confidence and precision, elevating the quality of their performances.

small camera 2.0

Crafted with Premium Materials

Made with high-quality fabrics, these costumes are comfortable to wear and endure epic adventures. Easy cleaning and maintenance ensure your dragon looks its best, ready to soar for years to come.

light weight fabric
stainless steel
Contact Adhesive
glass glue

Crafted with Premium Materials

Made with durable fabrics, our dragon costumes for adults are comfortable to wear and endure epic adventures. Easy cleaning and maintenance ensure your dragon looks its best.

light weight fabric
stainless steel
Contact Adhesive
glass glue

​Dragon Costume Specifications For The Interior

Explores interior functionalities, from essential features like fans and monitor to comfort innovations like backpack straps and sports waist belts. Let your inner dragon roar with confidence!

A Look at the Inner Workings

Dive deeper and discover the operating system, cooling fans, and louder speakers that bring your dragon to life. Every detail, from smooth operation to a fearsome roar, is designed to unleash your inner legend.

Basic ​Costume Specifications For The Interior

Our dragon costumes feature integrated fans that circulate air, keeping performers cool and comfortable during extended wear.Fan 1 1

Recommended Battery Specifications: 12V acid/lithium battery.

It can support performers performing continuously for 36 hours

Battery 2

It contains eight different sounds that we have preloaded in advance, and you can also replace them with your favorite sounds following this video: How to Change Sound Files
.Voice control box 3

Through the operating system, the flying dragon can display movements such as opening its mouth, blinking, roaring, flapping its wings, etc.Operating System 4

The costume’s louder speaker lets you unleash a bone-chilling roar, instantly grabbing the audience’s attention.Speaker 5

The costume’s monitor system keeps you connected to your surroundings, ensuring a seamless performance.Monitor 6

Comfort Secrets of Our Dragon Costume

We’ve explored the comfort details to make our costumes even better, from supportive backpack straps to sports waist belts that allow performers to move freely and comfortably for extended periods.

​Comfort configuration-Costume Specifications For The Interior

What Does the Dragon Do Exactly

Become a legend! Our flying dragon costume moves with you. Blink, roar, and shake its head for a realistic performance. Flap its majestic wings and soar through the crowd’s imagination. Want more? Add smoke or water spray (customizable) for an unforgettable performance!

Dragon Costume Head Shaking

Head Move

Dragon Costume Eyes Blinking

Eyes Blink

Dragon Costume Mouth Opening and Closing

Mouth Open and Close

Dragon Costume Roaring


Dragon Costume Walking


Dragon Costume Eyes Sparkling

Eyes Sparkle

Dragon Costume Wings Flapping

Wings Flap

Dragon Costume Spraying Smoke

Spray Smoke

Dragon Costume Accessories

The following accessories will be packaged and sent together with the costumes. 

Dinosaur Costume Collar




Dinosaur Teeth


Dinosaur Costume Brake Cable

Brake Cable



sports waist belt

Safety Belt



invisible zipper


Power Adapter

Power Adapter



Universal Glue

Universal Glue

Handle Bar

Handle Bar

Costume Warranty Explained

We offer a 24-month warranty. During the warranty period, we will send DHL spare parts if any damage occurs. All costs are on our side. In the meantime, we will be sending a tutorial video to guide you step-by-step on how to fix it.

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