How To DIY A Super Cute Polar Bear Costume

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For those taking their first steps into the world of DIY costumes, our simple tutorial provides an easy entry point. Using basic materials and straightforward techniques, you’ll learn how to assemble a charming polar bear costume with ease.

But if you’re ready to level up your skills and delve into more detailed and refined costume-making, our professional production tutorials await. These advanced techniques will challenge your craftsmanship, elevating your costume to a whole new level of intricacy and realism.

Effortless Polar Bear Costume: Beginner's Guide to Simple DIY

If you are a newbie at DIY but want to look amazing at your next birthday celebration or Halloween get-together, ordering apparel online can be expensive and time-consuming. Then the easy polar bear DIY guide we present will undoubtedly come in handy.

Without further ado, try following the simple step-by-step tutorial we provide to become the cutest polar bear.

Step 1

​You can follow the lady in the video as she selects clothing suitable for dressing up as a polar bear. Different materials produce different effects. It is a shame that she did not provide the method of making the ears.

Step 2

To make up for the lack of a tutorial on making polar bear ears in the previous step, we found a simple and very impressive DIY tutorial on making bear ears. You can use white material to make them.

Step 3

​If you are a light-haired lady who happens to have long hair, then the method provided in this video is also worth trying. You can get a pair of cute polar bear ears without even having to prepare the material.

​This DIY tutorial is adult and kids friendly. The material is simple and the process is simple. If you have children, you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment when you complete the production together.

Expert-Level Polar Bear Costume Production: Advanced Techniques and Design

OK! Now is the time for advanced players. If you have the time, professional production tools, and abundant production materials, then the following DIY tutorials will definitely benefit you. Because our tutorial covers everything from creating the body of the polar bear costume to adding fur and details, to finally fitting the costume once it’s assembled, it’s pretty exciting. You can save videos for easy viewing.

STEP1:Cut the foam into the shape of a polar bear


Lots of foam





Auxiliary tools:

Pictures of polar bear muscle lines

Pictures of polar bear muscle lines 1

Tips and Tricks:

You can split the polar bear into three parts: head, limbs, and body, carve them separately, and finally splice them together using yellow glue.

When carving foam into a polar bear with a machete, if you really do not know the details of polar bear proportions and muscle distribution, then you had better prepare yourself with some supporting images like the one above.

Safety Precautions:​

Take precautions when using a machete, such as wearing gloves or goggles to prevent accidental injuries.

STEP2:Hollow out the carved foam polar bear

Materials &Tools:

White stretch fabric
yellow glue
zipper 2

White Stretch Fabric

Yellow Glue




Tips and Tricks:​

When hollowing out the foam, it is important to maintain the proper thickness of the foam. If the foam is too thick, the polar bear costume will not move freely, and if the foam is too thin, the polar bear costume will be easily damaged.

The video does not show the part where we install the zipper, but I am pretty sure this step is very simple and you will be able to do it easily. It should be noted that installing the zipper on the back of the polar bear is the best option.

STEP3: Adding fur and details

Materials &Tools:

Long-pile Wool Fabric

Long-pile wool fabric

Paint Shovel

paint shovel



Tips and Tricks:​

​Before pasting the fluff onto the foam, you will need to cover the foam with a layer of stocking material and then follow the steps in the video. Yellow glue is also used to glue the stockings onto the foam.
To reduce the weight of the polar bear costume, we chose to trim the plush from the fabric and glue it on, but you can do this if you have enough time. Of course, if you have no particular requirements for the weight of the garment, you can also choose to glue the fabric directly onto the polar bear foam.

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Have these tutorials been helpful to you? Come and write the first review! If the above content is not enough to help you, you can also click here to see more DIY polar bear costume ideas, I hope it can help you.

The Other Type Arctic Polar Bear Costume for Adults

Inflatable Polar Bear Costume

The Inflatable Polar Bear Costume is a playful and attention-grabbing outfit that offers a unique and humorous approach to dressing up. Generally, these costumes are designed with lightweight materials, ensuring comfort while wearing. The inflatable aspect might make it slightly bulkier, but it also provides cushioning and ample room inside. The sheer novelty of an inflatable polar bear costume is a big draw. It’s not something you see every day, which adds to its fun factor.

white inflatable bear costume

Life-size Polar Bear Costume

​The process of making such a polar bear costume would be more complicated, but it would also be more fun, compared to a crawling polar bear costume. It looks a lot like some of the animated polar bear characters, such as the Coca-Cola Animated Polar Bear. Wearing a standing polar bear costume allows you to better interact with those around you, and it is more convenient to wear and has separate foot covers. But unlike everyday clothing, this one does not come with separate mitts.

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Super vivid cute polar bear costume - White Polar Bear Cartoon Characters

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