All You Want to Know About Dinosaur Puppet

Innovative thinkers and market experts from Only Dinosaurs gathered to show you all about our puppet dinosaurs. Missed it? We’ve got you covered.

What is the Dinosaur Puppet Made From

Our realistic dinosaur puppet is made from stainless steel, foam, and fabric (or silicone).

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Costume Material Fabric




Size & Weight

Only Dinosaurs has FIVE different types of dinosaur puppets for sale, such as hand dinosaur puppet, false arm dinosaur puppet, crate dinosaur puppet, hatching dinosaur puppet, and shoulder dinosaur puppet.

Hand Dinosaur Puppet

Features: Full Body Dinosaur Puppet & Kids Can Operate

Dinosaur Size: 1.00*0.22*0.30 Meters (3.30*0.90*1.10 Feet) 

Packing Size: 0.50*0.35*0.25 Meters (1.80*1.20*1.00 Feet)

Dinosaur Weight: 2.3KG

Total Weight: 5.3KG (2.3KG Puppet + 3KG Crate)

False Arm Dinosaur Puppet

Features: Vivid Fake Arm & Kids Can Operate

Dinosaur Size: 0.80*0.25*0.40 Meters(2.70*1.00*1.30 Feet)

Packing Size: 0.50*0.35*0.25 Meters (1.80*1.20*1.00 Feet)

Dinosaur Weight: 2.2KG

Total Weight: 5.2KG (2.3KG Puppet + 3KG Crate)

Crate Dinosaur Puppet

Features: Crate & Baby Dinosaur Raising Experience

Dinosaur Size: 0.47*0.34*0.45 Meters (1.60*1.13*1.50 Feet)

Packing Size: 0.56*0.40*0.45 Meters (1.90*1.30*1.50 Feet)

Dinosaur Weight: 2KG

Total Weight: 6KG (2KG Puppet + 2.1KG Puppet Crate + 1.9KG Packing Crate)

Hatching Dinosaur Puppet

Features: New Born Dinosaur & Experience the Joy of Hatching Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Size: 0.25*0.25*0.50 Meters (1.00*1.00*1.80 Feet)

Packing Size: 0.56*0.40*0.30 Meters (1.90*1.30*1.10 Feet)

Dinosaur Weight: 2KG

Total Weight: 5KG (2KG Puppet + 3KG Crate)

Shoulder Dinosaur Puppet

Features: Easily Operate Big Dinosaur & Super Cool

Dinosaur Size: 2.20*0.45*1.00 Meters (7.30*1.50*3.30 Feet)

Packing Size: 1.00*0.60*0.53 Meters (3.30*2.00*1.70 Feet)

Dinosaur Weight: 8KG

Total Weight: 15KG (8KG Puppet + 7KG Crate)


Cloth Doggy Bag

Doggy Bag

Dinosaur Teeth


Puppet False Arm

False Arm

Wireless Loudspeaker

Wireless Loudspeaker

Remote Control Sound Box

Remote Control Sound Box



USB Cable

USB Cable

What Does the Baby Dinosaur Do Exactly

A baby dinosaur is moving head

Head Move

A baby trex is blinking eyes

Eyes Blink

A baby dinosaur is moving its mouth

Mouth Open and Close

An orange baby dinosaur is roaring


A baby dinosaur is spitting water

Spit Water

What Custom Option Can We Choose

Only Dinosaurs provides the product custom service. If you need something unique, please tell us your design, and we make it happen.


We offer custom solutions that are tailored to your desired baby dinosaur.


There are 4-6 sounds for your choice. Load your favorite dino sound into the SD card.


Pick the color from our catalog, or send us your preferred color image.


We offer the options to produce puppet dinosaurs in different sizes depending on the requirements of our client.

How to Put on the Baby Dinosaur Puppet

How to Put on the Baby Dinosaur

After you order our baby dinosaurs, we will send the relevant tutorial to your email (e.g. how to use the remote control speaker, how to put on the fake arm dinosaur puppet). Our professionals will guide you through the whole process.

How to Operate Dinosaur Puppet

Simple Guidance

Check out the video for further details.

Play Video about How to Operate Dinosaur Puppet
Play Video about How to Pack Dinosaur Puppet

How to Pack Dinosaur Puppet

Simple Guidance

Check out the video for further details.

How to Purchase

Step 1

Choose your wished dinosaur baby puppet item on our website and then ask for a quote. We will send you the total cost and delivery time.

Step 2

If everything is fine, we will send you the contract. Pay 50% deposit, we start production. Each week, we will send the making process images.

Step 3

After the dino is complete, the finished images and videos will be provided for your approval.

Step 4

If you are happy with everything, pay the rest 50% payment. Then we shall book the shipment.

Our Service

Payment Methods

Both wire transfer and PayPal are acceptable. 50% upfront, 50% before delivery.

Lead Time

Normally, 3 weeks’ manufacturing and 7-10 days Shipment.

Shipment Method

We have two main shipment methods: DHL or FedEx.


24 months: during the warranty period, if any unartificial damage happens, we shall DHL spare parts. All cost is on our side.

Shipment Processes

The puppet quality inspection

Step 1

After we finish the baby dinosaur, we will send you the picture to confirm, and then arrange the quality inspection.

Step 2

Then you should pay the balance and provide the delivery information so that we can confirm the delivery time.

Product customs fees
A freight forwarder gets the product

Step 3

Next, we will contact the freight forwarder to get the baby dinosaurs. (if the freight forwarder does not come, we will arrange to send it to the freight forwarding warehouse.)

Step 4

We get the international express tracking number from the freight forwarder and send it to you. You can check the delivery progress of the puppet according to the number.

The picture of International express
A man is give the product to a woman

Step 5

Finally, the cargo will be released. After customs clearance, the courier company will deliver the dinosaur puppets to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the realistic baby dinosaur puppet take to build?

Depending on what type of puppet, complexity, level of details, have we done it before? The lead-time can vary greatly from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. We are very experienced in our craft and can produce the costumes very quickly.
But with a greater allowance of time, our product will naturally reflect a greater level of details.

If you need it in a hurry, contact our sales.

We may have some stock realistic baby dinosaur puppets, which are ready to ship out NOW.

What if I'm not happy with my products? Can I return it?

At each production process, we will send you pictures and videos for confirmation. If you are happy, we will move to the next step. If not, we will modify it until you are satisfied.

Before delivery, we will provide as many details as possible, such as pictures, videos, etc… After we receive your approval, then the delivery will be arranged.

If you are not satisfied before delivery, we can provide a FULL payment refund without a reason.

Can a kid operate the baby dinosaur?

Yes, a 4 years old child can do it. All kids love our adorable baby dinosaurs.

Is it necessary to have a speaker to hear the puppet sounds?

The puppet itself has NO sounds at all. There is a speaker for the sounds.

Does your price include shipping?

NO, the price is NOT including shipping.

Our clients are worldwide.

We have to know the destination, then figure out the shipping rate for you.

Can you make custom products?

Absolutely yes! You can customize the shape, color, movement, and sound as you like. Please send us your design, and we will evaluate it, then let you know if we can do it or not.

Click to view some of our custom work.

Are baby dinosaur puppets reliable?

Our full body dinosaur puppets are built with the finest, time-proven components available.

And we pride ourselves in our designs and workmanship.

At least 4-5 years if well maintained.

What type of care or maintenance is required?

1. Keep it away from fire, sharp knife, or tools.

2. If it has lots of dust, clean with a wet wipe.

That's all. Nothing special requires.

How we make a dinosaur puppet toy?

We have a page, which shows how to Make a Realistic Dinosaur Puppet Toy step by step.

DIY Baby Dinosaurs

How does payment through PayPal?

You just need to connect your credit card to PayPal. Then we can send the payment.

Can I track my order?

Yes, if your order is shipping FedEx, you will receive tracking information via email once your order ships.

Additional information can be found by contacting our team.

Do you deliver outside of the United States?

Yes, we provide global shipment service.

Still Looking for More Answers? Only Dinosaurs Can Help!