Top 14 Dinosaur Pranks That Will Easily Make You Laugh!


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Are you a manager or an owner of a theme park who’s looking for dinosaur pranks to bring some laughs to your customers? Or are you just a regular dude who’s looking for some dino fun?

Look no further because we rounded up popular and funny dinosaur pranks where you can get great ideas! So get ready to bring in the comedy with these funny pranks for your theme park and funny pranks to do at home. They may be great content for your TikTok too!

Ready to have some fun? Let’s get into it!

1. Hamish & Andy's Jurassic Pranks At The Carpark

Play Video about Hamish & Andy's Jurassic Pranks At The Carpark

The Big Idea: Funny pranks like these are all about the element of surprise and how authentic your dinosaur costume is. A realistic dinosaur costume will make or break your prank.

Not to mention that you have to be a good actor too. Try not to laugh when luring down your friends and family!

Another pro tip in making dinosaur pranks work is making sure your targets are up for it. Yes, it’s a surprise but make sure they’re the kind of people with whom you’re pretty close and will appreciate the joke. The last things you want are failed Jurassic pranks and no laughs.

2. The Remi Gaillard Dinosaur Prank

Play Video about The Remi Gaillard Dinosaur Prank

The Big Idea: Ever thought of Jurassic pranks for Easter egg hunting? Remi Gaillard did and what nailed it was the set-up and spontaneity of the joke!

Comments on YouTube argue about this being staged. But whether it was staged or not, it’s still downright funny! Make sure your location and timing are on-spot when staging dinosaur pranks just like Remi Gaillard’s.

Additionally, get friends who are willing to wear the T. rex dinosaur costume or be the actor running with the T. rex’s egg. One last pro tip is to find a dinosaur costume with hidden legs so no one notices it’s just a costume.

3. Dinosaur On The Streetcorner

Play Video about Dinosaur On The Streetcorner

The Big Idea: Surprise! What made this dinosaur video go viral was the number of people who were genuinely surprised by the appearance of the dinosaur around the corner. It wouldn’t be as funny if there were only a few.

It’s also their funny reactions that caught the attention of the internet. And what made this so believable even though dinosaurs are factually extinct was the actor’s realistic dinosaur costume.

Again, it comes down to the lifelike dinosaur costume for dinosaur pranks and how well the actor plays the part. The person who wore the costume also downplayed his legs’ visibility by wearing black pants and shoes. Make sure you nail this little detail too if you go for a dinosaur prank on the streets.

4. Jurassic Pranks by Raptors on Jurassic World Star, Chris Pratt

Play Video about Jurassic Pranks by Raptors on Jurassic World Star, Chris Pratt

The Big Idea: Two-way dinosaur pranks are unique ideas to set you apart from all the pranksters. In this video, it wasn’t just one but two raptors that surprised Chris Pratt! He didn’t see the second one unexpectedly coming from the other direction.

What made this a mouth-opening knee-dropping surprise for the Jurassic World star was the dinosaur scream coming out of each raptor costume that surprised him. Talk about a realistic Jurassic scene! He probably thought the movie’s shooting was already starting.

For a surprise like the one on Chris, partner with a dinosaur manufacturer who can create a realistic costume and install sounds too. Make it two for dinosaur pranks that will surprise your friends or theme park guests in two fun directions!

5. Phoenix Suns Dinosaur Prank

Play Video about Phoenix Suns Dinosaur Prank

The Big Idea: Phoenix Suns’ Goran Dragic pranked his teammates with a lifelike hairy dinosaur costume on Halloween. He had fun seeing the surprised and half-laughing half-scared reactions of his fellow players.

Imagine Eric Bledsoe and the Morris Twins running away from a T. rex! Not only that, he pranked the team’s coach and the owner too!

The big idea here is having fun with people who know you well. People like your friends or colleagues who you have laughed with on the regular. Take the fun up a notch by trying a dinosaur costume prank as Goran did!

6. Look Who’s Here! A Dinosaur Prank In Japan

Play Video about Look Who’s Here! A Dinosaur Prank In Japan

The Big Idea: Now these are dinosaur pranks for the TV directors and producers. These Jurassic pranks were made by a Japanese TV show set in probably their own company’s building. Actors, actresses, and employees met a lifelike T. rex as they walked down the hallway!

The T. rex costume also walked inside the sleeping area and nudged the actresses during their beauty sleep. To their surprise, it wasn’t a human but a dinosaur who woke them up!

The takeaways we can get from these dinosaur pranks are:

  • The “unexpected moment” you can stage the funny pranks. That way, people will be genuinely surprised.
  • Next is the twist the show added. They went for live broadcasting of the dinosaur pranks! The audience watched the surprises happen in real-time instead of a taped scene.

So if you’re trying to increase your engagement or simply add a fun twist to your prank, live broadcasting may be a good idea.

7. Dinosaur Screams & Funny Visitors' Reactions To Photo Op

Play Video about Dinosaur Screams & Funny Visitors' Reactions To Photo Op

The Big Idea: Park visitors were in for a surprise as their photo op with the dinosaur not only posed but tried to get a taste of them too! The Velociraptor tried to step out of its fenced jungle area when visitors appeared in front of it.

What made these photo ops dinosaur pranks in themselves wasn’t just the realistic movement but the dinosaur screams as well. Families got the Jurassic Park experience as the animatronic Velociraptor surprised them with movements and sounds. The little kids even tried to veer away while taking pictures because it felt so real!

We see there’s nothing like the real thing. But since dinosaurs are already extinct, animatronic dinosaurs will do the trick!

8. A Dinosaur Prank In The Park --Don’t Touch My Baby Eggs!

Play Video about A Dinosaur Prank In The Park --Don’t Touch My Baby Eggs

The Big Idea: We know how moms are protective of their children and this T. rex momma is just another level of protectiveness! The Prank Bros crew set up a nest of T. rex eggs at a park’s pathway. They surprised people with a hidden T. rex acting as the momma on the other side of the path.

Joggers and runners were lured into the dinosaur costume prank as they caught sight of the eggs. The mother T. rex instantly jumped out of the trees and scared the curious inspectors as they came close to the nest!

The secret to their successful dinosaur pranks at the park was the hidden camera that was perfectly out of sight from visitors’ eyes. This lets every reaction and funny moment get captured on video.

Find a good spot where your cameraman can run and hide while staging dinosaur pranks like these. Additionally, scout for a good dinosaur costume that can emit dinosaur roars too for an epic prank!

9. Dinosaur Prank On The Streets Featuring A Velociraptor On The Loose!

Play Video about Dinosaur Prank On The Streets Featuring A Velociraptor On The Loose

The Big Idea: Another successful dinosaur costume prank from the Prank Bros crew is this one where they set a Velociraptor loose! But instead of staying within a park-like last time, they rampaged around the city. Casual people strolling and those out on dates had an unexpected guest joining them for a split-second of their day.

What their pranked audiences were surprised by was how realistic the costume was. It was so real they didn’t even notice the blue jeans the actor was wearing! Dinosaur pranks like these work best with costumes that look and sound like the real thing. Good job, Prank Bros!

10. Looking For My Pet Dog...He's Friendly!

Play Video about Looking For My Pet Dog...He's Friendly

The Big Idea: Asking for help to look for your pet dog is something most people will oblige to. But how about a pet Tyrannosaurus? Surprise people on April Fool’s with a pet T. rex instead!

A pet T. rex that’s roaring, stomping, and larger than the average human size made a great dinosaur costume prank for Just For Laughs. Their funny dinosaur pranks were set up at a nearby park which was the perfect location for a T. rex to suddenly come out. People helped the woman find her missing “puppy” and were surprised to be greeted by a lifelike T. rex.

This time, it’s all about the script and sounds. Dinosaur pranks need a good storyline just as much as it needs a convincing feathered T. rex costume. Write scripts that you find funny for convincing dinosaur pranks. 

The T. rex costume was able to roar and bark like a puppy too! Custom sounds like this helped make the prank a hit. You can ask your dinosaur costume manufacturer to include them in your order.

11. 100 Dinosaurs Going Shopping & Eating At McDonald's

Play Video about 100 Dinosaurs Going Shopping & Eating At McDonald's

The Big Idea: This one’s for you if you’re looking for dinosaur pranks you can do in a group! This group of dudes all wore T. rex costumes and randomly tried shopping at stores just for fun.

It was a hit! The video has gained 28M views despite the guys being kicked out of stores a lot of times. What made it so fun to watch was how they were all having fun with their T. rex costumes pranking the neighborhood.

They even ate at McDonald’s for the fun of it! McDonald’s was so kind that they let these hungry T. rexes have their fill of sodas and cheeseburgers. No humans were harmed.

You can try this dinosaur costume prank out too! Just set up your crew of dino dudes and suit up in T. rex dinosaur costumes then you’re good to go!

12. T-rex Doing The Groceries At Wal-Mart

Play Video about T-rex Doing The Groceries At Wal-Mart

The Big Idea: Have you ever tried funny dinosaur pranks at the grocery? This guy did and fellow shoppers had fun videoing, greeting, and shopping with him! It even turned into a meet and greet as kids shook hands and hugged the funny-looking T. rex.

Sometimes the prank was on him though when he couldn’t reach for grocery items because of his short arms. But despite that, this T. rex was still able to reach for the counter and pay for his grocery bills. How? You wouldn’t believe it – he had his Jurassic credit card.

The big idea here is choosing ordinary locations where you can make your fun and unusual appearance. Places like the grocery or the park are great ideas where you can play out your dinosaur pranks.

13. T-rex Pranking McDonald's Employees With Chewbacca

Play Video about T-rex Pranking McDonald's Employees With Chewbacca

The Big Idea: Imagine a talking T-rex and Chewbacca ordering a Big Mac with some sauce and cheese at McDonald’s. That’s what Ronnie Rex and his pal from Star Wars did. The dinosaur costume prank cracked the whole crew up!

What made Ronnie Rex different from all the other dino appearances at McDonald’s was his ability to talk. He ordered a Big Mac using his real human voice and that brought the house down.

It’s just so funny seeing a T-rex talking like a human instead of the usual dino roar. He even asked for the cashier’s number!

Create a funny script, use your voice, and don a convincing dino costume to make people laugh. Dinosaur pranks just become epic after that. Bring in an equally funny-looking pal like Chewy for an even funnier prank!

14. Dinosaur Terror At The Auditions

Play Video about Dinosaur Terror At The Auditions

The Big Idea: You wouldn’t expect a T. rex suddenly barging into your auditions if you were an actor, wouldn’t you? These actors certainly didn’t and were pranked by the company as the T. rex jumped out from behind!

That’s one thrilling way of saying, “welcome to the company!” Though they got scared, at least their possible employers saw the expressions they needed to see if they’re right for the roles.

It’s also a fun way of adding some laughter to the usual workday. Dinosaur pranks never seem to get old. Even the employees got pranked themselves!

The trick to successful dinosaur pranks like these is a realistic dinosaur costume as we’ve mentioned earlier. Get one that’s close to a real dinosaur and add some roaring audio for the complete experience. People will surely get pranked and won’t even notice the black jeans you’re wearing!

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