Dinosaur Costumes for Birthday Party

There is a group of living “Dinosaur Costumes” in Houston, United States. They like playing with kids in birthday party and eating delicious birthday cake. Their shining eyes, smooth movement and lifelike roaring sound make it real.

VelociRaptor Suit for Birthday Party

Rocco T-Rex Costume for Birthday Party

Our lifelike dinosaur costume love racing, dancing and playing soccer with kids. It’s an unforgettable memories in the birthday party and wonderful experiences in their childhood, like “dancing with dinosaurs”

Dance With Dinosaurs

Dance with T-Rex in Birthday Party

Till now “Jurassic Extreme” has employed 6 super dinosaur costumes to provide an fabulous experience for Children’s birthday party.
They are Rocket, Riley, Razor, Rocco, Rocket X and Remy. All are experts in birthday party for 2 years at least.

VelociRaptor Costume for Birthday Party

If you would like to give your kids an unforgettable dinosaur-birthday-party, contact Jurassic Extreme. They would be happy to take their professional dinosaur team to your house.
Contact Person: Oscar Bravo
Phone:(713) 322-9509

Dinosaur Costumes for Birthday Party

(Surprise: Ramsey — triceratops costume, the 7th member of Jurassic Extreme, will come to Houston in this summer. Although Ramsey is a “Rookie”, but with her six “brothers and sisters”, she will become a new super star in birthday parties

New Triceratops Suit

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